More wind companies scouting South Dundas

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SOUTH DUNDAS — One of the many concerns held by South Branch Wind Opposition Group (SBWOG) is that Prowind Canada’s proposed 14-turbine wind farm will be but the first of many. Reports have surfaced that another company has been scouting for land in South Dundas. Invenergy Canada’s Director of Business Development, James J. Murphy, confirmed the report on February 9th: “Invenergy has been working with some landowners to investigate the potential for a wind energy project, but these efforts are very preliminary.”  “As per company policy we do not identify landowners by name who have signed agreements with us,” said Murphy. Read article

27 thoughts on “More wind companies scouting South Dundas

  1. Well, councilor Mellan can kiss his a$$ goodbye in the next municipal elections.. Another uneducated, greedy landowner IMHO….With the imminent collapse of the wind industry in this province, it makes one wonder why the hell theses carpetbaggers are STILL plying their trade !!.. Oh, sorry,, I forgot Greed, and money..Nothing like a good feed at the public trough, I suppose…
    And Murphy “working” with the landowners????/What a joke.. . Where do these entities come from???

  2. And where are the landowners who sign these leases head’s at?………………they should literally be blacklisted within the community!… contact, no recognition that they are even human beings…………..without willing idiots we wouldn’t have this problem……………………of course you can’t insult an ignorant person!
    Up our way people literally call the guy who has put up solar panels on his store in town an A$$#@le to his face!

  3. AWEA Board of Directors,
    Board includes:
    John DiDonoto, VP NextEra Energy Resources
    Muchael Polsky, CEO Invenergy
    Michael Garland, CEO Pattern Energy Group
    World Resources Institute,
    Board of Directors includes:
    Al Gore,Jr., former U.S. Vice President
    Michael Polsky, CEO Invenergy

  4. Do the Mellan brothers live on this land that they have leased? They soon won’t have any friends or neighbours in their neighbourhood. OUTCASTS!

  5. Landowners who sign now have no excuse. Perhaps the very first ones could be forgiven because they did not know what turmoil they were creating but with the information now available there is NO excuse for anyone signing with these piranhas. Shunning is too gentle a reaction!

  6. From what I understand,once you have signed the Industrial millstone,it will become that forever,untill you sell your land,which 9×10 will be have to be offered to the wind company first!There is no one (1) dollar purchase for your son or daughter to take over farm.
    Land grab!
    Most of the farmers that have leases have the best land in the area don’t you think?

    • Hey Peter,
      At one time, I wondered why ‘no farmer’s’ were showing up at council meetings.
      I don’t wonder anymore.
      I was told farmers are busy, they don’t read newspapers,
      and then, there was the rumour –
      farmers were getting ‘free hydro’.

      I thought how stupid can farmers be?

      Stupid me – got the picture.
      Now, I wonder if farmer’s are getting the picture.
      But, then again –
      they might need a ‘thought regulation’ to think.

  7. WIND FARM INSPECTION APPROVALS, done by the Electrical Safety Authority.
    Legislative Assembly of Ontario,April 15,2009,Green Energy and Economy Act,2009, April 15,2009 – Bill 150
    Standing Committee on General Government, Hansard April 15,2009.
    Glenn Estill, Sky Generation, testimony:
    “You have the Electrical Safety Authority, who approves the project. The same guy who does approvals on new homes and so on comes out and approves your wind farm for connection.”

    Not much electrical expertise here for machines that make up a “power plant”.
    Cement pads need county approval & inspection for all of Ontario? Or just some counties?

    • Where are these ESA wind farm inspection approval records? What was inspected and what was not inspected and when? Wind farm “power plants” produce dangerous voltage levels.
      Post wind farm completion safety inspection records kept by the company?

      • Environmental Registry, Ontario
        “There is no requirement in the Renewable Energy Approval for wind turbine specifications to be signed by a Professional Engineer registered in Ontario”
        Then all this is at the descretion of the wind developer or company?

      • Hey Barbara,

        I’m assuming something might be here:
        Renewable Generation Safety – and,
        Alternative Generation Safety
        Electrical Safety Authority

        Gas Plants – (support wind turbines)
        are considered ‘Alternative’ Generation – meaning:
        as in, an ‘alternative’ to coal – Ugh!

      • Environmental Registry Ontario, Instrument Decision Notice:
        Proponent: Zephyr Farms Ltd
        Instrument Type: Approval for renewable energy project, EPAs.47.3(1)
        “Provide the ministry, prior to construction and installation, with a writen manual outlining operating and maintenance proceedures and maintenance program for the equipment as recommended by the suppliers of the equipment.”
        No Ontario government oversight required. Equipment not checked period. What if the installed eqipment is not the same as in the manual presented to the government?

      • We are not dealing with chicken coop wiring here. Time to demand any and all IWT inspection reports be provided to the public. Then it will be known what was inspected, what was not inspected and when. The ESA/Electrical Safety Authority should have the IWT inspection reports and if not then why don’t they have them. Maybe MPPs can get them for all the projects.

  8. You are correct Frances, there is no excuse at this time for ignorance. And Peter, yes, in the end it will be a “land grab” for the wind companies; some of which politicians are heavily invested (google Mike Crawley, former president of Ontario Liberal Party; former CEO of Aim PowerGen.
    Neighboring farmers are upset with me, for disclosing the horrific truth. This has created a big rift in the community. Land owners are angry with themselves – they were mislead, conned into agreements that have completely taken over their farms. Under these agreements they cannot sever property, build, or sell. When their agreement is up, farmers are responsible to decommission the turbines if they do not sign on again. This involves big $$$. To rid themselves of this huge ball and chain, they will have no choice but to hand their farms over to the companies.
    For land owners holding leases with wind companies, it is time for a bit of soul searching; do what is right in regards to values, integrity, respect. Screw the wind companies, run them out of town.

  9. Heartly agee.Bull whip would just fine.
    What I have not unearthed is,if a land owner signs a lease,is that lease GPS’ed on the agreement or does it include ALL lands that farmer owns at time of leasing (and probably ALL lands when he signs again after buying another farm in between).
    Another question would be after Project Manager has cozyed up the project partisi pants for a few years and then all of a sudden departs! OMG! Then the fun begins or not!
    Is the Project manager’s signature or printed name on paper worth anything if it all goes wrong (read lies) and the company say, “Pattern”, say’s he/she did not have the authority to print the ads in newspapers etc etc
    Maybe it’s time to look into who should be accountable and signing all ads etc..I say the CEO’s with there home addresses included as we have to when signing into their BS presentations.

    • The lease would only be on the parcel of land where the turbine/turbines are located and not on any other lands owned by the landowner.Each parcel of land/farm has its own separate deed.
      The project manager would have been acting only as an agent for the company and so the company is responsible. An agent can have full or limited powers to act on behalf of the company. Most likey limited powers to act on behalf of the company unless the project manager is a company owner as well.
      Easements are often granted & used for roads to the turbines.
      The IWT leases are done in a way that gives the wind developers the right to sell or transfer the leases to another company with no need for the landowners permission.
      The IWT company or developer is responsible for the advertisments unless otherwise stated in the ads.

  10. These are all very good questions Peter; questions the land owner needs to be concerned with. Wind companies do change hands often; part of the ploy no doubt. This is being brought to the courts; the outcome will be disclosed.
    Who is responsible? Who should be held accountable? My opinion: former CEOs of big wind; current CEOs; lease holding land owners; government- right down to local municipal councils. I think some are starting to realize this. Those councils who do not walk at the upcoming Good Roads Convention may want to think twice about who they are supporting.
    On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if McGuinty was a no show. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get lost foreve.

  11. South Dundas is now at the stage where much of south western Ontario was four or five years ago when IWTs were a relatively new phenomenon and local councils were getting all green and gooey at the thought of “wind farms” and “wind parks”. Most of those municipalities have since caught on to the GEA scam and are starting to push back.

    However, IWTs have not been on the radar at South Dundas until now. You would think that the Goober Bros and other bandwagon jumpers would have had some inkling of the trouble that will surely follow a visit by the floggers of the big wind dream.

    Apparently not, in this head-in-the-sand backwater.

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