Children show what they feel about the CAW turbine

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Unfortunately, the CAW came out and kicked down their snowman shortly after this picture was taken.

8 thoughts on “Children show what they feel about the CAW turbine

  1. Fabulous job guys! You look great!
    – hope CAW gets message – soon
    Not needed – Not wanted

    What’s a Green Job? Answer: Nothing

    Ugh! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    ……looking for those ’emerging GREEN JOBS!

    Lewenza/Yardy – duet – Joy to ‘Green Education’.

    “We’re really excited about the fact that we can put together an educational program
    around green energy (and) around good green jobs for the community,” she said.
    “That’s part and parcel to what we’re doing, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint more broadly.
    We think that’s really exciting.”

    Stuck on stupid!

  2. Spent a week at the complex a number of years ago taking a CAW sponsored “Pensions” course. Even then, my friend and I predicted the end of the “Defined Benefit Pension” and its replacement with “Defined Contribution” plans by most companies. We tried to encourage our fellow classmates and teachers to concentrate on negotiating benefit packages that would withstand the test of time and educating their members on how to take care of their own retirement and not rely solely on what the company could do for them. We were laughed at! Now we can see another example of the CAW’s short-sightedness. Defined Benefit pensions are becoming a dinosaur and industrial wind turbines now overshadow what was once a park-like setting intended for learning. They’ll soon know if an IWT in the middle of their complex will contribute to it’s on-going viability or its demise! Maybe those same kids will one day kick the c–p out of an IWT! I’ll be there to cheer them on!

  3. It says a lot about the integrity of the CAW, when they kicked down a snowman that was made by kids!!!,, Kids, for pete’s sake!!! The CAW leadership makes me sick….

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