Brockton Council supports municipal turbine protest

by Lindsey Kuglin, Walkerton Herald Times
Brockton Council supports municipal turbine protest of wind turbines until further studies are completed on adverse effects the massive structures can have. The resolution, in support of a motion passed by Arran-Elderslie Council, seeks an immediate one-year moratorium with yearly extensions as required on construction of industrial turbines in Ontario.

They want to see studies on health impacts and proper residential setbacks, the reinstitution of planning authority to municipalities, and whether or not the Green Energy Act actually created jobs.

Brockton Coun. Anne-Louise Gibbons sits on the Inter-Municipal Wind Turbines Working Group.

“This is the first official step this municipality has taken against wind turbines,” she said after the resolution was passed.

The original motion forwarded by Arran-Elderslie included a clause that would have supporting municipalities walk out on the premier’s speech at the ROMA/OGRA 2012 Conference on?Feb. 26,, “in a show of solidarity to once again demonstrate to our provincial government our frustration, anger and disappointment over their complete and total mishandling of the Green Energy Act and Industrial Wind Turbines in particular.” But Brockton councillors thought that would be rude.

The resolution passed by Brockton Council excluded that caveat.

4 thoughts on “Brockton Council supports municipal turbine protest

  1. I am glad to see that the Brockton Council is taking a positive steps against the wind turbines that are forced down our throats. unfortunately that people are so busy voting in party lines that this won’t have any effect until people learn to take a stance and vote with their conscience or actually cast a ballot instead of someone else do the voting.

  2. RUDE is being forced to flee your home and be laughed at in the process. The evil grins from McGuinty are RUDE. C’mon councillors, let’s put this into perspective. Have a debate about it. There are a lot of people counting on your voice and you ability to make change happen.

  3. One must definitely not be rude to a premier who :
    * Has taken our democratic rights away by stripping municipalities of their powers
    * Has created health problems with inadequate setbacks
    * Is turning productive farmland into industrial zones
    * Is devaluating our life assets in property values
    * Creating untold stress in community after community
    * Contamination of our Ontario rural landscapes
    * Destruction of our wildlife habitat and placing migratory routes at peril
    * Is escalating our hydro costs
    * Though lucrative subsidies is impacting Ontario’s economy to such a level that we’ll have to look up to see bottom
    This is just a partial listing .
    No, we definitely must not be rude to the premier.

  4. As A brockton resident,, I fully EXPECT them to walk out!!. Nothing less…The list put forward by Helen Kszan is indeed only a partial listing..There are a hundred or more good reasons to do it to him and the gang green, like they’ve been doing to us for years.. I have absolutely no respect for this dictatorial, deaf-ears government we have in this province today!!..Glad to hear our council has taken the stand that they have taken..Keep up the fight…

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