University to conduct wind turbine study in Haldimand-Norfolk

by Matt Day Dunnville Chronicle
HALDIMAND-NORFOLK – The University of Waterloo is about to embark on what they are calling an extensive study to discover the health effects, if any, of wind turbines on residents living nearby… all in our own backyard. Researchers will be in the Haldimand and Norfolk area beginning next month to start handing out surveys to residents living near and far away from wind turbines, said Philip Bigelow, an epidemiologist and associate professor for the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo.  Read article

22 thoughts on “University to conduct wind turbine study in Haldimand-Norfolk

  1. Funny how this health survey is hitting the media just now, when Thompson will be calling for a moratorium…. I can just hear the fiberals saying what heros they already are by doing everything to keep us all safe…
    bah humbug

  2. I hope that in no way the powers to be for the University receive funding in any way for any other event or financial need from the McGuinty government, because if they do….
    You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • Ontario’s universities receive their operating funds from the province. Their research-grant funding comes from as many sources as they can scour.

    • “The study is being funded completely by the University of Waterloo.”

      Well here we go, they start off with a lie right from the start. Who are they trying to kid? This is not true. The McGuinty government is providing funding. Everyone knows this. I can tell by the pretty picture of turbines and by the reference to traffic noise and electrical stations that this so called “study” is ripe for revictimization of families.
      What kind of health study announces what they are doing in a local newspaper? That is not professional protocol for a health study. That is buying the publics trust.
      It smells bad….really bad.

  3. Only 50 people from all over 2 counties. Not much of a health survey is it? Anyone who participates in this should keep copies of any and all information they are asked to give as well as any test results.
    There are other important issues/components with sound/noise than just decibles. Decibles are just one component of sound/noise issues and the present government wants people to think that only the decibles are important.

    • The world watches and laughs!

      What the university should be studying, and scanning:
      McGuinty’s brain,
      Re: what caused his addiction to Green Everything’?

      There must be:
      a ‘Green Monster’ in his head – eating his brain cells!

  4. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Dr. Siva Sivoththaman is in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Here we have yet another Engineer in charge of health studies. At least the study mentioned in the article will be conducted by the School of Public Health and Health Systems. That has a decent chance of being reasonably objective…unless McShifty is on the phone right now to the UoW Chancellor.

  5. Health concerns aside, would you have ever thought someone would suggest erecting a giant metal tower with spinning blades near your house and then refuse to believe it can have negative psychological and emotional effects?

  6. I am concerned also about the “study”. I had hoped that a public health study in one of our states in the US would be unbias, however most people on the “committee” were some how connected to wind – the study talked about the economics of wind etc. very little about health. It came out to be rather watered down. Some of our universities are “beholding” to wind for money – how wlil they come out with an unbias study.

  7. The credibility of the Liberal party, the universities and the unions lie in the hands of the people. Any group which supports such a rampant industrialization of rural Ontario by industrial wind turbines, and already having over 100 victims reporting…..why do we need new lab rats?!!! We sure as hell don’t need Industrial Wind that bad as to jeopardize our citizens health and home.
    We don’t have leaders and we don’t have compassionate laws in Ontario. All these groups are in a thin disguise of B.S.

  8. Just another smoke screen, buying time, by the McGuinty government. It will be years, if ever, before the study is complete. Doesn’t matter, it will be nothing but garbage. It was announced a year ago last fall at the first International Wind Turbine Symposium in Picton, Dr. Bigelow and Dr. Sivoththoman From the University of Waterloo would be conducting a study about industrial wind turbines and health effects. Hey, let’s hire a dentist to do brain surgery. Bigelow was in attendance at the symposium; when introduced and asked about the study, he had nothing to say at that time. I expect there has been no progress since.

  9. This is McGuinty…..drag it out…..put up more turbines…..5 years to conduct a study…..they’ve had the research money for 2 years already and nothing has happened……..2 more years and all his turbines will be up……he’ll have completed his end of the deal and walk away leaving us to clean up his mess……more people sick….
    ANY government that cared about its people would STOP building more while health studies are going on.
    ANY government that cared about its people would shut down the turbines that are making people sick and driving them from their homes until health studies are completed.

  10. “Ecocide” is an appropriate term for the mess McGuinty is continuing to carry out. If it continues, many will be very sick; some will die. Health will be heavily impacted $$$.
    Hitler-genocide-not right in the head; sound familiar?

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