ROMA attempts to quash walkout on McGuinty

Open letter to ROMA Conference delegates
To all members and Conference delegates,
In recent weeks, opponents of the Green Energy Act, and wind power in particular, have proposed that delegates walk‐out on Premier McGuinty at the 2012 ROMA OGRA Conference, unless a moratorium is placed on wind turbines. While ROMA appreciates the concern and frustration that inspired this proposal, it believes the proposal is short‐sighted.

We invited the Premier to our conference, we appreciate his decision to come, and we will respectfully listen to what he has to say.  As a group, Ontario’s municipalities have worked very hard over many years to build a relationship with the Government of Ontario that is based on open doors and frank discussion. The mature and respectful relationship that makes these exchanges possible provides us with our greatest opportunity to achieve meaningful progress.

Currently, municipalities are working with the Province, and the Premier, to address pressing challenges for all Ontarians, and for rural and northern communities in particular.

These include a global recession; economic development; the continued commitment to upload $1.5 billion in annual provincial costs by 2018; the future of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF); funding for roads and bridges; the rising costs of emergency services; and more than 100 fiscal restraint recommendations within the recent Drummond report.

Ontario residents are counting on us all to work cooperatively and productively. The ROMA OGRA Conference plays an important role by encouraging open channels of communication between our provincial and municipal governments. That is why we invite the Premier each year, that is why he accepts, and that is why Ontario Premiers will always be welcome at our Conference.

ROMA’s Board of Directors
February 22, 2012

36 thoughts on “ROMA attempts to quash walkout on McGuinty

  1. Every year the government walks all over you, treats you with contempt, and does the opposite of what you ask, but still you bow to them.
    Walk out on this deceiver show him and his cronies how you feel.

  2. Ha Ha!! “…open channels of communication between our provincial and municipal governments”. Are you serious?! These open channels you write here, were filled with the a messy goo called the GEA. It takes away ALL means of communication between provincial and municipal governments. Oh, and its RURAL Municipalities. Wake up!

  3. How about discussing this:

    “There is immature and disrespectful relationship of the Premier with the municipalities that makes polite exchanges nigh impossible and they consistently provide him with the greatest opportunity to dissemble further and impede meaningful progress.”

  4. ”The mature and respectful relationship ” etc.
    ” Open channels of communication between our provincial and municipal governments ” etc.
    What planet are these people on? Under the Green Energy Act, no one in rural Ontario has any say in what is happening to our beautiful countryside. McGuinty is the architect of this disaster,
    but all is apparently well as far as the ROMA board of directors is concerned. That’s what the OFA directors said until two or three weeks ago, that is until rank-and-file members made them
    change their tune. Maybe the big fish at ROMA should start listening too.

    • I agree with you completely. I have had enough of Dalton McGuinty. Tom Inglis 4312 con 6 Kendal On

  5. What close agreement? I suggest you look at the downloading. Half of property taxes have nothing to do with running a municipality. Income transfer such a welfare, subsidized housing, -== Conservation areas. county roads that are really Provincial highways. court supervision health unit even education which he decides on such as full day JK and SK and amount of teachers salaries and what is taught which property taxes have to pay,
    Ask him is he not ashamed that he has run up this massive debt that will run all of us.

    It is not in ROMA’S or Good roads interest, It is in his interests to come with a pack of nonsense to try to get votes

    Do not walk out but Roast him on this and the whole wind turbine stuff and tell him to do what Quebec is doing using its northern rivers and selling at 2 billion dollars profit to the USA .Hydro from rivers cost 3 cents a KWH and wind turbines 20 Cents. Ontario has 2,000 river sites wasting to the Great Lakes and James Bay..

    Nothing justifies wind turbines. They are the greatest mistake in Ontario’s history.
    And this Liberal Government will go down as the one that destroyed Ontario as a have province – driving out jobs and making us all poor.

  6. ROMA has now overstepped their mandate and have confirmed exactly what most people have only guessed at in the past. They work FOR McGuinty and NOT the Municipalities! Just like the AMO who now seems to “dictate” McGuinty’s edicts instead of representing Municipalities interests!
    I have added my 3 cents worth here and hopefully this movement to get out from under the foot of a bunch of tyrants is only the beginning!……..WALK OUT Gals and Guys!….. Brilliant!

    • Yes, I am confident that the ROMA board of directors has our best interest in mind. NOT. These ELECTED folks are supposed to be there representing US. Now they are fauning all over Premier McTurbine. “Respectful” is used in their memo, letter, diatribe, whatever. What about respect for the average rural citizen, ROMA?

      Another let down. Surprised? Not at all. In regards to IWT’s very little surprises me these days. Once a wad of cash is flashed all common sense, justice, values, morales go down the drain.

  7. “Mature and respectful” relationship? LMAO
    “Municipalities are working with the province and the premier to address pressing challenges for all Ontarians, for rural and northern communities in particular” BAHAHAHAHA
    MCGUINTY has created these “pressing challenges” relating to the Green Energy Act and industrial wind turbines.
    A VERY “pressing challenge” which immediately needs to be addressed is the Green Energy Act and industrial wind turbines; I will remind you there was not a mention in the Drummond Report!?! Do you think the ill health effects caused by the turbines and the multi-billion dollar deficit will get all better by itself and just go away? HELLO
    “Respectfully listen to what he has to say???!” Who are you kidding.
    Enough of McGuinty’s BULLYING tactics.
    He does not exhibit a “mature and respectful” relationship – there is NO exchange with the rural citizens of Ontario.
    Get off your cloud McGuinty.
    We counted on you to work cooperatively and productively with the people of Ontario. Cut the flowery, executive lingo. Lies are LIES. This is not a one way street.
    Welcome McGuinty to the Conference if you like. He is NOT welcomed by the people of Ontario. We have lost all respect for McGuinty and rightfully so.
    We DO NOT want the Green Energy Act. We DO NOT want industrial wind turbines.
    You work for the PEOPLE of Ontario. THIS should be respected.

    Ontario Secede?

    Get a backbone Municipalities; it is your duty to protect the interests of the people of Ontario. which includes their HEALTH. To support McGuinty is supporting negligence. WALK

    • It’s hysterical that the Liberals have come up with an Anti-bullying bill. The tail that wagged the dog!

  8. I would be willing to bet that “Open Letter” was written by someone who lives in the GTA. Totally clueless to the reasons why normal people would go to the extent of walking out on something like that. “…and we will respectfully listen to what he has to say.” Respect is earned…the only thing McShifty has earned is viewing the extension of tens of thousands of middle fingers.

  9. Well I guess it’s up to all you good people out there to have a chat with your councilors and
    inform them that as your employees you are “asking” them to walk . Failure to do so will ensure you work against them in the next election if they do not resign before that time.

  10. ROMA Brats!

    ‘[excerpt] We invited the Premier to our conference,
    we appreciate his decision to come,
    and we will respectfully listen
    to what he has to say.’

    Okay! Let’s Rock….the McGuinty way!… nowhere
    ‘[excerpt] The mature and respectful relationship that makes these exchanges possible
    provides us with our greatest opportunity to achieve meaningful progress.’

    p.s. Liberal Political Civility –
    Next – La ‘Cukaracha’ – on a shoestring

  11. Obviously ROMA is just another puppet of the McGuinty government. Or should I say dictatorship?

  12. I have to admit that I was tempted to support the call for a province-wide walkout of the conference by municipalities. A sort of “You don’t listen to us so we won’t listen to you” message for Mr. McGuinty. However, after a cooler head prevailed, I think it makes more sense to raise this issue at the conference and “hold his feet to the fire”! Why should our municipal representatives walk out and encourage the rest of us to, in effect, continue to “suffer in silence”? The time for silent resignation to the GEA has passed! It’s time to STAY in the meeting and tell Mr. McGuinty and his cronies that rural Ontario will NOT take this insanity anymore! We’ve had enough of the GEA and the provincial liberal’s inability to tell the difference between truth and fiction. Don’t walk out! Stay there and FIGHT!!

  13. If you think you can achieve progress with this dictatorial government, you have your head buried in the sand..You obviously haven’t been treated with disrespect by the Premier or his cabinet..Your plea I’m afraid is falling on deaf ears…Lets wait and see about the outcome from this conference..

  14. I agree with Foreman, STAY AND FIGHT! Embrass McGuinty and his cabinet. Show the other urban mun’s what’s going on and gain their support. Educate, educate, educate. Walking out will do nothing but add to everyones frustation.

    • McGuinty, if he even shows, will make his speech
      and exit the back door. Rather doubt that the event
      will turn into a question and answer session.

    • After 5 years of this, I tend to disagree. Just who are you going to fight with? This is a meeting for rural municipalities. I don’t think there will be many urban muns there.

      If the rural councilors don’t stick together over this takeover of rural Ontario by the wind industry…just who will?

      I’m convinced the only way to deal with this insane government is to embarrass and humiliate them. That’s all they respond to.

      • I can find a big coon trap for the back door and the animal officer can displace him!

    • Hey Be Heard,
      ‘spotlight’ Kabuki theatre –
      What took you so long to respond?
      I do not agree. Period.

      Mr. McGuinty is an invited guest @ a private affair.
      This is not a meeting to discuss ‘things’.
      There will be no question period.
      What part do you not understanding?

      • Madasabat isn’t so mad after all.

        If he shows, McGuinty will come in the back door, make his speech of platitudes and assorted bs, spin on his heel and exit the back door.

        All the rural muns will wonder what happened. See you next year, suckers!

    • If folks believe that some open discussion on this topic will even be on the agenda are very mistaken. McShifty’s folks will know what’s going on ahead of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even show. The point is…trying to discuss something is moot and will not get anyone’s attention. The guy totally dismisses the Auditor General’s report…you think he’s going engage in a discussion at this event? Seriously?? People walking out has a high chance of getting on the evening news…that people in the GTA need to see with an explanation of why. Time has expired on being passive and it’s time to take up an offensive position. Sitting there with a hand up wanting to speak is complacency wrapped in hope resulting from inability to learn and adapt to the reality of the situation. This kind of thing is not people’s first choice, it’s being backed into a corner and pushing out from that corner. There are some that may not like it and that’s understandable. Just respect the fact that the situation has come to this.

    • Walking out shows people what you think of them!
      No one expected any IWT discussion was planned anyway.

      • Those who don’t want to walk out can just not show up for his speech. Not as effective but will get the job done anyway.

  15. Will we live in the dark?

    Bad Romance – McGuinty’s Green Cabal
    McGuinty – played it – to the beat………………

    Ontario –
    once a treasured economic engine –
    is ‘bankrupt’

    Reality Check!

    Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
    December 13, 2011
    Draft and Comment – Wind and the Electrical Grid
    – pdf. pg. 16 – Using Gas Fired Generating Plants to Manage Wind Variability

    p.s. Memo to Green Mayor’s: Wake up! – the ‘Romance’ is over.

  16. We are WAYYYYY beyond trying to reason with this mad man……………..he has absolutely nothing to say to the Rural reps…………..nothing! He has destroyed Rural Ontario permanently! Being ploitically corerect and trying to “negottiate” our destiny with this Government has been an abject failure!
    One sided dialogue and now the only thing left is to cut the thread completely! Getting up out of the complacency seat and WALK out on this idiot will be the most devastating thing ever to happen to this idiot!………..ONLY if it’s documented. Don’t expect any mainstream news outlet to have the guts to even mention it but someone has to film this and make sure it’s seen.
    There was a time when polite discussion may have worked but that all ended in May of 2009 when Bill 150 was signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You are absolutely right Skeptical Gord, McGuinty will slither out the back door in McGuinty’s cowardly style.
    Good old fashion tomato throw..would create a new look on some pretty nice suits.

  18. Premier McGuinty doesn’t want to listen to the rural residents so WALK OUT or be a NO SHOW when and if he addresses the municipal representatives. The Liberals are destroying Ontario.

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