The Mean Green Energy Act

by David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield,
The “science” associated with the Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) debate has been bandied about like the numbered ping pong balls in a bingo or lottery machine… it’s like a “box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”, except for chocolate (sugar coating) that is. My concern is that this “science” irrespective of whether it is claimed to support or negate IWTs has been applied to emerging dogmas associated with ideologies, when it is in fact extremely limited and inconclusive in respect to Scientific Method. Read article

1 thought on “The Mean Green Energy Act

  1. Good article!

    Sustainability Planning – and Wind

    Despite my continued efforts to openly criticize and mock my local County Sustainability Group (CSG)
    IWT proponents and in a broader context all IWT proponents,
    I actually feel a deference towards them since I realize that it is extremely difficult
    to attempt to lead (promote) an idea without a clearly defined scientifically supportable sustainable ideology.
    They are constantly attempting to combat their opposition with contrived pseudo science
    attached to an ideological dogma and are quickly running low on ammunition while facing a growing anti-IWT sentiment.

    p.s. Volunteerism @ work – Ugh!

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