Huron East supports new push for wind moratorium

By Susan Hundertmark, Huron Expositor
Huron East is supporting a resolution from Arran-Elderslie again asking the premier of Ontario to declare a moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines until the concerns of rural communities are addressed. But, Huron East councillors have not agreed to walk out on the premier at the ROMA/OGRA conference on Feb. 26 if the moratorium is not announced before the conference begins. Read article

7 thoughts on “Huron East supports new push for wind moratorium

  1. “Community Vibrancy Fund” ??? Where, I wonder, did THAT terminology come from?? Could it be Mayor Ken Hewitt and his Council in Haldimand County??? Been watching Samsung commercials lately?? There is no compensation fund set up for protecting residents of this Province from the ravages of IWTs! That includes the rate-payer funded Community Vibrancy Fund in Haldimand!

    • Vibrancy – pulsing or throbbing with energy
      or activity. Fund must be named in honor
      of low frequency sound from the IWT’s.

    • John. I read your comment last night about a bus from . What if we asked how many folks would like to take a bus to Queens park. It could happen. I want to go and so will Steve.

  2. I guess this council (what a fine bunch they are) will be the ones sitting on their hands while staring at the floor unable to to look in the eyes of the ones that have the guts to walk. I wonder if they have mirrors in their bathroom.

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