Paul Steckle misguided

By Sue Muller, Goderich Signal Star
The voice of the highly respected Paul Steckle bases his statements on what he “thinks, feels and heard for himself”. Well that’s reassuring. However, his few facts are misguided. As a former politician, I would have assumed he is aware of the Auditor General’s report that declared “no comprehensive business case evaluation was done to objectively evaluate the billion dollar commitment”. They did not study the environmental or economic impacts of wind power.

In respect to his C02 concerns, hydroelectric power produces no C02 and we produce more power in Ontario than we can use, selling it cheaply to the US. Because Ontario’s electricity transmission and distribution system already operates at a maximum, the current renewable energy projects under the fit program cannot be accommodated by the existing power grid- a solution that cannot be fixed easily or quickly. We’ve already experienced black outs and the incompatibility and overloading of the grid with what is described as ‘dirty energy’ is a disaster waiting to happen. Wind and solar are intermittent and unreliable sources that need to be backed up by coal or gas fired generators to maintain a steady output.

Germany has refurbished and built new coal fire plants to cover electricity requirements due to the instability of wind power generation. Denmark, the leader in wind energy, has not closed one coal-fired plant. These countries along with Holland, Portugal and Spain have realized these projects do not work and are stopping the subsidies which sustained them. After 20 years experience, the black-lash in Europe is growing in over 23 countries. Let’s learn from this.

Electricity for all of us will rise markedly- why? Because we have to pay for the subsidies for the FIT programs. Hydro-electric power costs about 7 cents kW/hrs. Wind power is produced at 13.5 cents . Old solar contracts are at 80 cents and new at 58.8 cents. We currently pay 10.8 cents for electricity during peak periods [as per IESO]. This cannot be maintained with this model.

Jobs will be created during the2-3 yr construction phase and then gone. For every job created in renewable energy, 3-4 other jobs will be lost due to increased electricity costs (from the auditor general report).

Mr. Steckle may not have heard anything substantial during his wind turbine visits, but does he exist by one 24-hrs a day? Many have reported feeling fatigued or eye-strained after working for a day on the old-style CRT computer monitors. This is because they emitted a flicker and scanning frequencies that most people did not see or hear. This is not unlike the turbines which produce an infrasound that affects some people more than others. Research in Portugal at the Centre for Human Performance concluded that vibro-acoustic disease is a chronic progressive accumulative systemic disease caused by exposure by high-intensity/low-frequency sound and infra-sound which can all be caused by wind turbines. This scientific data was formally presented at INTERNOISE 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. Europe was the leader in advancing wind power and now are documenting the hazards. Vibro-acoustic devices are used to treat some Parkinson’s patient’s tremors. As cause and effect go, one should expect an adverse effect in well people. The reality is that there have been no comprehensive medical tests done in Canada before forging ahead with these projects. Health complaints have been ignored.

Environmental assessments are being done by consultants who are hired by the wind companies. When we refused assessments on our land, we were told that they didn’t have to do them, but were only required to ask. They later came and said that we should have taken the money for the assessments, because they did them from neighbouring properties anyway. How can this be if the neighbours did not agree? And if so, how accurate is such an assessment on 100-acres from the fence lines? How bogus!

Many have regretted signing leases for little financial gain and questionable contracts. The supporters are generally those who are getting or hoping for a min. of $13,000 yrly/turbine. The ‘noise’ from those turbines seem to make the negative aspects in audible.

Last week the Drummond report called for an overhaul of Ontario’s finances including a review of the FIT programs. Once the economic leader of Canada , Ontario now faces a $16.7 billion deficit, downgrading of our credit rating and economic collapse.

Mr. Steckle suggests that the turbines are here to stay. I can assure you the backlash is growing as more are educating themselves about the realities of this fraud and the economic burden that will be felt in our pockets. Please go to  to support our MPP Lisa Thompson, who is presenting a bill to Parliament March 8 requesting a moratorium on further industrial wind turbine development.

13 thoughts on “Paul Steckle misguided

  1. Somone should ask Steckle why any human being would want to live beside a giant metal tower with revolving blades. It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of, and if they were related to any other enterprise it wouldn’t even be consdered. But Big Green conquers all, particularly with the smell of government money in the air. .

  2. Steckle is wrong when he suggests turbines are here to stay.. He needs to get his head out of his rear ,open his eyes and take a look around at the global situation..I only hope this province doesn’t go bankrupt before the IWT’s are left standing as rusting monuments to a failed experiment by a dictator ,that went terribly wrong .These eyesores will be left as a lasting reminder to the premiers legacy..Not to mention the billions it’s costing the taxpayers of this once great province..

  3. Very Good Article SUE. When i read Paul Steckle article i could not believe what i was reading then i remember he was in gov’t like “lawyers and insurance” people. More than likely Paul Steckle probably has signed a lease in the Bluewater Municipality. Receptors (what the Wind Companies call people who leave near a turbine) don’t up and leave their homes and farms for no reason and no it’s not that they are pissed that they missed out on the gravy train. I hope everyone gets up and walks out of the Good Roads Conference on the Premier

  4. Mark Davis makes a good point when say’s that two kinds of people support Ontario’s wind energy plans….”those who have figured out how to benefit from it and those who don’t understand it”. Paul Steckle is one of the few that fits in both categories.
    Between a wind lease and service to new Liberal Party leader Mike Crawley its clearly a benefit for him to be “a green energy supporter” as his letter stated. But even a total propeller head would see that the GEA could be greatly improved to benefit the riding that provided him a pension far more generous than someone with his capabilities deserved.
    Clearly Paul is checking his brains at the door and being a good Liberal soldier and NextEra mercenary and doesn’t begin to understand the real issues here. Too bad.
    Good letter Sue.

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