Rural Ontario set to blow up at McGuinty

By Jim Merriam, London Free Press
It won’t be the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral but next week’s meeting between Premier Dalton McGuinty and rural municipal leaders is shaping up to be a major confrontation. The issue involves shunning Premier Dad at the Good Roads convention in Toronto. One organizing group is urging delegates by letter to greet the premier with respect.

However, the Multi-Municipal Working Group on Wind Turbines isn’t backing down on plans to walk out on McGuinty’s speech if a one-year moratorium on installation of wind turbines isn’t announced before the meeting.

The Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA), which sponsors “Good Roads” in partnership with the Ontario Good Roads Association, suggests such a walkout would be shortsighted.

“We invited the premier to our conference, we appreciate his decision to come, and we will respectfully listen to what he has to say,” says the ROMA letter, hoping for the final word on the subject.

The working group’s chair will have none of it. In his written response, Mark Davis, deputy mayor of Arran Elderslie said, “There are times you must stand up and be counted. You must do things that you believe are right for the people you represent. I firmly believe this is one of those times.” ROMA’s letter looks back at its successful history to discourage a walkout by the folks concerned about the way wind power has been forced down the throats of rural residents.

“As a group, Ontario municipalities have worked very hard over many years to build a relationship with the Government of Ontario that is based on open doors and frank discussion. The mature and respectful relationship that makes these exchanges possible provides us with our greatest opportunity to achieve meaningful progress.” But members of the six-county wind turbine working group are more interested in what ROMA has done for them lately?

“ROMA must be aware of the depth of these (wind turbine) concerns and we hope to hear at the conference the steps that ROMA, like the other organizations representing rural Ontario, has taken to represent concerns of its members on this issue.” ROMA goes on to list the issues it is discussing with the province including the global recession, economic development, funding for roads and bridges, the costs of emergency services and the Drummond report.

In response the anti-turbine group has a list of its own, pointing out those who have serious doubts about the “green energy program and wind turbines.” This includes the Ontario Auditor General who said the turbines are not replacing coal-fired plants nor cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

“They (turbines) require additional fossil-fuel gas generation back-up because their production is unpredictable, intermittent and cannot be stored.” This means consumers pay twice for wind energy, adding skyrocketing electricity costs that are a real threat to jobs.

Also joining the anti-turbine movement is the Ontario Federation of Agriculture that represents 38,000 farm families.

In addition 79 municipalities have called for a moratorium on wind turbine installations.

The working group also points out that the province responded within hours to a light rail transit motion by Toronto council, but there has been no meaningful response to rural concerns about wind turbines.

In summing up the fighting words ROMA attempts to speak for all Ontarians: “Ontario residents are counting on us to work co-operatively and productively.” The conclusion from the working group is quite different: “There are many reasons to walk and very few not to.”

22 thoughts on “Rural Ontario set to blow up at McGuinty

  1. This premier is a lost cause for rural Ontario for what he has already done and further in his crusade to torture and ruin rural Ontario. With his ignorance in avoiding health issues and proclaiming we are NIMBY’s is example to leave the meeting as he has lost his honour among the great rural Ontario that is on the road of being ruined by his so called authority on Green Energy act (if not already). I respect those that respect the victims and future victims in there ACT to remove themselves from this IDIOT for the greatness of the people in our communities.. For those that do not I have no honour for you ,you follow a fool and a bad dream. Cheers

  2. I have sent an email to Bob Pringle, the Mayor of Chatsworth, urging him to walk out on the Premier. My email to Mayor Pringle said that I was fully supportive of a walk-out, no matter what the consequences may be.

    In my opinion, the supine, fawning approach by ROMA is flawed because to be meaningful, respect, consideration and cooperation need to work for both parties. Premier McWindy and his sycophants have talked about this, but their words aren’t consistent with their actions and decisions.

  3. Aw geez…..Notice how he leaves out the part about the families who have had to go live in motels to try to get sleep, families who are sick, forced out of their homes, some gagged so they can’t speak. So the public again gets a partial story and it explains why the bull***t comment below from ROMA is SO INSULTING:
    “As a group, Ontario municipalities have worked very hard over many years to build a relationship with the Government of Ontario that is based on open doors and frank discussion. The mature and respectful relationship that makes these exchanges possible provides us with our greatest opportunity to achieve meaningful progress.”

    I hope Jim Merriam interviews a few people and reports the real reasons behind the walkout, not that it’s a bunch of unhappy anti wind protesters.
    I despise the anti-wind label being affixed to anyone who is trying to explain what is happening. It doesn’t matter who you are, what position you hold, your credentials, your depths of research or your personal experience you are pasted with a label.
    The media needs to get with it and expose the whole story and all of the reasons that people are so upset, the first one being ignored and publicly dumped on by our own Premier and his ministers. You want to know what disrespect is all about, get involved with this government. You’ll be shocked out of your socks.
    You can see by the letters coming out of OSEA et al, they imply rural residents are uneducated and uninformed.
    I’m sure they don’t know what hit them….

    • I have a had the experience of people (family) applying an anti-wind label. I have had to point out to them that they are applying that label out of the context of thinking anti-wind means anti-green and pro-fossil fuel.

      I told them they are drunk with the media’s love affair of ‘green’ and have lost their usual diligence in favour of emotion and sensationalism. I reminded them of an age old term, ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ and asked them what they have read or researched on the topic. They admitted that they had read nothing. I then asked them if someone came to them telling them about a great real estate opportunity in a ‘tropical paradise’ and they can purchase vast areas of acreage with high potential, they would buy into it without question. They didn’t answer. Both live in the GTA.

    • It must have been a real shock for the eco-nuts to discover that they are not the only smart people who live on planet earth.

  4. “our greatest opportunity to achieve meaningful progress.”

    That’s quite true in most cases, but at this point mcguinty is trading on the respectful nature of rural councils. But they’ve had enough, and it’s time to see that respectful dialogue is getting them nowhere. Mcguinty has learned he can do what he wants without the votes of rural folk.

  5. You are absolutely right Snowball, the most important part has been again, left by the wayside. Money, money, money = GREED.

    HEALTH is #1.
    What good is money when you are dead? This is what turbines and low frequency noise do. Government knows this and chooses to ignore. Many people world wide have become sick.

    If you are the enabler who does something you know will cause death…what do you call this? Ontario is allowing the destruction of our health, our well being, and our province to continue?????????

    Spineless cowards with no ethics, poor values, no brains, lacking compassion for others and everything else.

    Lazy, stupid, greedy, disrespectful sums it up.
    How dare I be so outspoken and speak the truth?
    Troonbop is correct in saying “McGuinty is counting on the respectful trading of rural Ontario”. Respectful dialogue has gotten us nowhere. The crime continues.
    The pain increases with each slap in the face. WE, the people of Ontario let this bullying, this dictatorship continue? Are we nuts? This madness must be stopped. We must protect ourselves. Ontario must join together and do what is right. This will not go away unless we make it happen, stand up for what is right. We are in this together.

  6. Enbridge Inc (ENB: Toronto)
    Stephen John Wuori, VP Enbridge > James D. Hole, Director Aecon Group > John M. Beck, OPA Director
    Soligen Technologies Inc.
    Patrick J. Lavelle, Director Soligen > Rudy G. Riedl , Past Pres. Enbridge Consumers Gas & Vice Chair. of IESO Board of Directors
    Patrick J. Lavelle > James Cowan, Macquarie Capital Markets ,Canada Ltd
    Patrick J. Lavelle > Colin Andersen, OPA
    Patrick J. Lavelle > Anthony Anderson, Northland Power

  7. The Ultimate slap in McGuinty’s face after Councils walk out on him at ROMA would be MPP’s walking out of Queen’s Park on him when he stands in Legislature!………Now that’s called a Revolution!
    Maybe Hudak could “muster” a rebellion like that and I guarantee he would be front page news for weeks!

    • Let’s at least hope that the rural municipalities don’t cave. My guess is that there will be a fair amount of “behind the scenes” pressure.

      Regarding Hudak, from what I’ve seen in the last year I don’t think that he could organize a pi$$-up in a brewery. What have we heard from Hudak on the Auditor-General’s report in December? What have we heard from Hudak on Drummond in the last two weeks? Are the media just not reporting what Hudak has to say, or has Hudak crawled into a hole beside the rock that McWindy has been hiding under for the last two months? It’s pathetic!!

      • In my opinion, somebody must have Hudak on a very short leash. Our entire political system is a farce.

      • As I’ve said before, Frank Klees has grabbed the PC spotlight and should be told that he ISN’T the PC Leader.Hudak is!……………..I think Klees is a total liability to any form of free expression within the PC Party………….he might as well be a Liberal!…………when a person’s ego gets bigger than the responsibility of his job then he is useless as a representative of the people!

    • Much of the IWT opposition that the PCs are facing has to be first exposed and dealth with by the people before political action can begin. Those elected can’t do this alone.

      • Exposing the sleeze involved in the “green” energy farce will do lots to end this nonsense.

  8. I think the delegates should attend and at the appropriate time, when what’s his name takes the stage, delegates should stand up, one and all, and turn their backs until what’s his name yields the floor/podium and silence ensues.

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