Wind Spin: Misdirection and Fluff by a Taxpayer-enabled Industry

by John Droz, Jr, Master Resource
“When a major turbine manufacturer calls a catastrophic failure like a blade falling off ‘structural liberation,’ we know we are in for an adventurous ride in a theme park divorced from reality.” Trying to pin down the arguments of wind promoters is a bit like trying to grab a greased balloon. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, it morphs into a different shape and escapes your grasp. Let’s take a quick highlight review of how things have evolved with wind merchandising.  Read article

5 thoughts on “Wind Spin: Misdirection and Fluff by a Taxpayer-enabled Industry

  1. This article says it all, 20 reasons to get rid of Mcguinty now.
    It would be nice if the Regional News was active to print this and
    deliver to every mailbox in Haldimand, also 20 reasons to
    get rid of Hewitt.

  2. When a Mayor like Hewiit or a Premier like McGuinty runs on a platform that is so full of lies at the end if the day that’s it’s almost “laughable” then there should be consequences for that stance……….unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any!….possibly “blacklisting” these people by fellow Mayors and Councillors when they are in one room together may be a start…………………..ROMA could be that spark!

  3. TO wL Not confident the Sachem would be willing to run it in THEIR next issue?? Their willingness or reluctance to do so would certainly clarify some remaining questions as to the veracity of their editorial pg. 4 Feb. 23/12.

    • I read their editorial Feb.21/12….It seems rather odd to me that an advertising tender would include a request for the Mayor to have a column. Should the request for the column maybe have came from the Mayors office?….

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