Kristopher Stevens of OSEA belittling rural residents

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I have followed the discourse between mayors Bill Hill and Don MacIver and Kristopher Stevens of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association with some interest.  The high handed-approach taken by Mr. Stevens toward some of our elected municipal officials and their staffs is regrettable to say the least, but all too familiar an approach.  One wonders what Mr. Stevens expected to achieve by lecturing Mayor Hill and Mayor MacIver in the public media and suggesting they and members of their staff are not “up to speed,” I cannot guess!

If, as Mayor MacIver suggests, Mr. Stevens actually took the time and displayed a modicum of interest in the people of Dufferin, he might be surprised, that most of us did not just crawl out from under a stone. After 40 years as a professional forester both here and abroad, I can attest to the fact that by lecturing in this condescending manner, either to rural Canadians or abroad, that this approach will not advance your cause one inch.

Forestry was a green movement long before renewable energy became either fashionable or profitable. The hysterics and puffery exhibited today in the green and sustainable movements are becoming an embarrassment to those of us who have spent lifetimes trying to make this a better place for our children and yours.
Ham fisted attempts to belittle local people and their political leadership pubically, is a poorly thought out strategy at best.

Brian Mac Namara,
East Luther Grand Valley

6 thoughts on “Kristopher Stevens of OSEA belittling rural residents

  1. Mr Stevens is just a schoolyard bully trying t make a name for himself.. He’s puffed up with his own ego, and probably loves to see his name in the media.. The money he spent getting an education was also wasted.. Only my opinion…..

    • Proof that idealism doesn’t work. Facts, reality and empathy mean more than blind faith. Just like George Smitherman thinks his asthma would be cured by throwing up Industrial Wind turbines. The man needs to get some more information on asthma, less focus on hysteria.

  2. Stevens is just another York U produced little “Greeny” that is so “jacked up” with Green dogma that he couldn’t see the reality of how bad this GEA has affected Ontario even if he had to get a real job instead of handouts from “donors”!

  3. Kris Stevens is merely trying to buy more time for IWTs to be installed. Best not to bother with him as he is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

  4. “Kris Stevens is merely trying to buy more time for IWTs to be installed”

    Exactly. Time is running out for daltons’s mega bucks green scam – the crony capitalists and connected liberals know it. As the letter writer points out, these people discovered the environment right around the time the dollar bills started flying and they’ll abandon it just as quickly.
    It’s the only “green” they’re interested in.

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