McGuinty government silent on green disaster

by Lorrie Goldstein,Toronto Sun
In response to the Drummond report, here’s Premier Dalton McGuinty’s bright idea for fixing the ruinously expensive and disastrous green energy policies he has inflicted on us.  Ready? He’s not going to eliminate the pre-election 10% rebate he gave to us on our hydro bills, known as the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, as recommended by Drummond, in order to save $1.1 billion annually.   That’s it, folks.  Read article

7 thoughts on “McGuinty government silent on green disaster

  1. We already pay more for electricity than before the 10 percent credit he gave. He’s already talking about taking away the tuition grants. He will not stop there. He will cut everything but the green energy act. We must ALL remember in the future that the NDPs are also involved with this. Nothing much to do but keep awareness and hope that we can ride out the next 4 years. I’m glad I don’t live near the lakes cause that WILL be his last legacy. And he will run for federal after this. Despite what he says now.

    • Correct. Anyone thinking the NDP might be an ally against indutrialization of rural Ont, should remember the vote on Dec 2011 Scott motion to amend GEA.
      From OWR comments:

      “Those who voted against the Bill: Armstrong, Bisson, DiNovo, Forster, Marchese, Miller, Natyschak, Schein, Singh, Taylor and Tabuns.
      Those who could not be bothered to vote or were too “busy”: Horwath, Vanthoff, Gelinas, Mantha, Prue and Campbell.”

      • If I remember correctly, Prue supported Todd Smith’s bill but was told to stand down when it came time to vote..
        He apparently spent some time outside talking to the IWT opponents. I don’t know if any other NDPers were in agreement with his stand.

      • Perhaps we need to particularly target those who did not vote in a letter-writing campaign between now and the vote on Lisa Thompson’s bill. We also need to move those who voted against if we want this bill to pass.

  2. First Dalton added the HST 13% then gave us back 10%. However, our last Hydro One Hydro Bill said the 10%was no longer available as of January!! So whats really going on?????

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