Four wind turbines proposed for Port Granby

First details of Leader wind farm released at public meeting
by Jennifer O’Meara, Durham Region
CLARINGTON — Port Granby residents could be getting four 150-metre wind turbines in their neighbourhood. The first details of the proposed wind farm were released at a public meeting Feb. 22 by the developer, Leader Resources Services Corp.  “It’s really, really scary,” said resident Dorothy Imlach. “You hear so many things about health effects. That’s where your concerns are.”
The developer is proposing three wind turbines on Lancaster Road, south of the railway tracks and one on Elliott Road, just north of the tracks. Read article

10 thoughts on “Four wind turbines proposed for Port Granby

  1. These IWTs might power 2,500 homes of they operated 24/7/365 per year at optimal performance. Time to stop the deciet about home much power IWTs can produce.

  2. So….. IWTs are “good for the farm, good for the people and good for the planet” And just WHAT planet would THAT be?? Attn: Port Granby! Don’t let ’em do it!!!

  3. STILL.. With the inevitable demise of the wind industry, they are STILL out there pushing them (turbines) There must STILL be an enormous amount of uneducated landowners out there.. They have to be educated, but if that’s not possible,, then the landowner should be sued by his neighbors to make them get the message about all the harm they are inflicting ..IMHO…

    • The Goobers are ripe for picking …

      If the subject of IWTs doesn’t come up at the daily Tim Horton’s coffee klatch then it’s not likely to be discussed again until the cranes arrive to hoist the turbines. Proactive … what’s that? IWTs not “green” … since when? Health problems … say what?

      Keeping one’s head in the sand is an art form in these outposts where Roll-Up-The-Rim has everybody’s undivided attention.

  4. Leader resources developed the 110 unit Enbridge wind farm that is causing so much trouble in Kincardine -they also have a 46? unit project proposed in Arran Elderslie ( over Mark’s dead body) plus another one in South Huron I believe .Port Granby residents should brace themselves for the biggest load of BS they will ever hear from EDY – snake oil salesman supreme.

    • Any business or activity that is based on deceit, like IWTs, very often requires other deceitful activites inorder to support the initial deceit.
      As more IWTs are installed the greater the deceit becomes.

  5. Leader Capital Corp. with Leader Resources Services Corp. a subsidiary.
    Magaly Bianchini, Pres. & CEO Leader Capital, Pres. of 368538 Ontario Inc, aToronto Construction Developer and Partner in Diamante Development Corp.
    Charles Edey, COO Leader Capital Corp.,Pres. & COO Magnum Wind Enery Inc and Pres. & COO Echo Energy Canada,Inc.

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