Municipalities to get more say in [where they must locate his] turbines: McGuinty

by Jonathan Jenkins, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – Changes are coming to the Green Energy Act that will restore some autonomy to municipalities that want to limit the number of wind turbines erected in their jurisdiction, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Monday…..
……“I’m not going to speak to the specifics — I’ll let the minister do that in due course. But I can say that we have listened very carefully to the concerns and have incorporated those in the changes we’re making.”  Read article

8 thoughts on “Municipalities to get more say in [where they must locate his] turbines: McGuinty

  1. He is a Liar , what he says here is meaningless, baseless from his mouth.
    He has lied in the past right to our face , He Will lie again.
    “to achieve a better balance” – there never was a balance , – he’s spitting out propaganda.
    “I can say that we have listened very carefully to the concerns” – he’s lying, he has not listened.
    “We’re listening, and taking municipal concerns into account” – he’s lying , Mcguinty never did.
    “You will see that we chose many of your suggestions” – my god this guy is full of it .
    “(Bentley) is also working very hard to see that we do a better job” why hasn’t he before.
    “I’m not going to speak to the specifics” that says it all , he has lied before and will lie again.
    – a speech full of manipulation, by the most disrespected politician in Ontario –

  2. Pure unadulterated B.S. as usual. That lying SOB has already allowed his pals in the wind industry to blanket the southern populated half of the province with IWTs. He’s a day late and (a few) dollars short on this subject. Throw the bum out!

  3. Who is this guy??? Is he for real?? This man and his cronies are pathological liars, in every sense of the word..Look up pathological in the dictionary…He’s going to grant”SOME” autonomy to municipalities”???? WTF…… The dictatorial line, once again…He STILL wants to tinker with the Act hoping local politicians will swallow his drivel about changing things..When is he going to “get” the fact that nothing short of a total repeal of the GEA will do !!! They abolished the gun registry.. This act can be abolished too !! Yep.. still lying through his teeth..I too applaud and respect the local politicians that walked out on that %$@#!&.. Mainstream media better do the right thing here too.. Hope to see more of this publicized.. As this moves forward,, McGuinty better start planning an exit strategy, because I think the wheels are going to come off this silly little experiment of his government that have cost this province so much pain and hardship…Nothing short of him and his government out of office will do..Resign now,, Mr. M…….

  4. He’s likely taking the same route he did with the Mississauga lemmings…tell them what they want to hear and they’ll go away. Keep the pressure on folks!! Need to keep turning the screws as tight as ever until the GEA gets a match lit to it!! We shall defend our communities, whatever the cost may be,…you get the rest.

  5. Finally, enough heat that McSquinty wants out of the kitchen. Thank goodness there are local governors with sufficient b—s to show their displeasure. Our local council is right in there fighting, we are small but we are mighty in conviction! Wind turbines are NOT green, not healthy, and not economically sustainable. Along with the balance of the GEA and bad Ont govt, we have increased energy costs enough to drive manufacturing out of the province. When there are no more productive jobs, i.e. adding to the economy, who will pay the taxes to employ all the service people, teachers, nurses and govt employees reliant upon them? If the wind business was an industry and not a boondoggle, it would not run on tariffs, but produce a profit, like any other self-respecting business. For those witless enough to buy into this hocus-pocus of paying more for energy than it is selling for, I wish each a 600′ turbine in their front yard, and the expense of relocating their neighbours when they don’t share the joy of “greeness”.

  6. This green energy has gone far to long and so has this leaderless public servant. Scrape yard for this wreckage.

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