Politicians walk out on McGuinty

By Denis Langlois, Owen Sound Sun Times
About 80 municipal politicians walked out on Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Monday to protest the Liberal government’s controversial Green Energy Act and its pro-turbine stance. It happened as McGuinty approached the microphone to address delegates from across the province at the combined Ontario Good Roads Association/Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference in Toronto.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Politicians walk out on McGuinty

  1. According to the article in the Sunday the half dozen and handful of people walking out came from Chris Bentley and McGuinty and the Toronto Star reporter who was across the room and behind the cameras. The 80-100 figure would be reasonably accurate. Does anyone know if this is the 1st walkout at ROMA? Nextera representative was in attendance in the session. ROMA Board tried to stop the walkout.

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