Meaford Council Calls For Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments

by Steven Vance, Meaford Independent
Meaford council has approved a resolution put forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield [pic] which calls for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to invoke an immediate moratorium on the construction of wind turbine installations in Ontario for one year, with a provision for yearly extensions as required.    Read article

8 thoughts on “Meaford Council Calls For Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments

  1. A moratorium on construction….. too late the majority of what is going up is already up and running. What about pushing for a public enquiry and a stopage of turbines where people have reported repeatedly problems with the noise.

  2. I’m a little confused here.

    Is this not the council that initially refused to do sweet bugger all about IWTs coming to Meaford? Are they now saying whoa after the horse has left the barn? Has the OFA declaration caused them to give their head a shake?

    Somebody please bring me up to speed.

    • Hi SG
      Regardless of the past, we are glad that Meaford has signed on now. Basically it is the resolution Arran Elderslie shared. This was their first council meeting since Jan 24 when A-E distributed the resolution. They did not include the walk-out part but their council meeting was after the walkout. I do think OFA’s declaration helped. Regardless, we alre really pleased they have signed on now.

      • Frances, thanks for the info. When I attended the Meaford Town Hall last April I was sure that the impressive presentation would have convinced pretty well everyone, including your local council, to oppose IWTs. But as they say, better late than never.

      • Please also note that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor endorsed the full Arran Elderslie resolution when it went to Grey County Council. The vote was close enough that, if either had voted the other way, it would have defeated the resolution.

  3. The problem is that the vast majority of people don’t know any basic science about sound. Sound/noise is more than just about decibles or how loud the sound is. There are many factors that affect how loud noise is to a receptor/person. Sound is a complicated scientific issue.
    Then there are the vibration issues caused by IWTs which are huge industrial machines.

    The need for the installation of IWTs in Ontario is built on deceit to begin with and so to continue on with the installation of IWTs requires the use of more and more deceit to cover up for what is a failure to begin with.

    • Complex issue is a better word as there are so many varying factors for IWT sound/noise depending on the location and/or point in time.

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