McNaughton Slams McGuinty

by Dave Richie, Blackburn News
Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton doesn’t believe Premier Dalton McGuinty’s comment at the ROMA conference, that he’s willing to give municipalities more say over green energy projects. “No one believes this premier anymore,” says McNaughton. “He’s made many promises on different things and has never stuck to his word.” McNaughton says his constituency offices continue to be bombarded by concerns over industrial wind farms.

6 thoughts on “McNaughton Slams McGuinty

  1. Look up the word “pathological” in the dictionary.. Then apply it to “liar” combine the two words and you have “pathological liar.”..And Voila !!! you have a perfect description of Dalton McGuinty…The more I hear this guy speak,, the more I find that he’s a pure embarrassment to Ontario, and in particular,, Canada,,,Some of the other provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan in particular) are finding out just what kind of an A-hole he really is… He doesn’t do anything to promote a healthy relationship between the provinces, in fact he’s a detriment.. He’s gotta go !!!

  2. Not a hope in hell that McGuinty will allow
    local opposition to de-rail his green fanatasy.
    Whatever tweaking that may occur with the
    GEA to incorporate supposed additional
    municipal input, will be of no consequence.

  3. Good job Monte!!! Call Dalton what he is… a fiberal. But really…. returning control of green energy projects back to municipalities would doom some areas completely. Those with councils having no expertise to determine what would be safe for residents and that have been unduly influenced by wind gangreen. What council would want to open themselves up to the kind of lawsuits that they could face over making decisions about turbines. The story is simple, turbines aren’t safe, they are a scam, but not all councils see it yet.

  4. Just letting McGuinty open his mouth now is enough to show him for what he is…..what’s keeping him in power right now is the lack of a no confidence vote in Parliament…….that will appear a minute after the budget is delivered in March and if his Government survives THAT, then paint the opposition “red” and label the whole political process as more corrupt than an organized crime syndicate!

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