Senators tackle funding for Canadian environmental groups

By Daniel Proussalidis, Edmonton Sun
OTTAWA – The Senate has begun examining the issue of billionaire American foundations’ funding of environmental activists in Canada.  “Key Canadian organizations, supported by international foundations with the intent of influencing public opinion and policy direction, have acquired Canada Review Agency charitable status and issue tax receipts, even though much of their activity could be deemed as highly political,” said Sen. Nicole Eaton in her prepared remarks Tuesday, launching a series of Senate speeches known as an “inquiry.” Six Conservative senators will speak over the next two weeks to spur the government to require “full disclosure” of foreign grants to Canadian charities and to sharpen the legal definition of charitable work.  Read article

7 thoughts on “Senators tackle funding for Canadian environmental groups

  1. …and while they are at it, they should also ivestigate
    why it is that our tax dallars are used to fund these
    same eco-nuts.

  2. What happens when they find out that McGuinty has allowed these foreign interests to have an open door policy in Ontario………are the Senators going to point their finger at all the “guilty parties”?………………don’t hold your breath!… Politicians are way above any LAW!

  3. A group like the Sierra club might change their policies when they learn that wind turbines damage migratory bird paths, harm the soil organisms, and forest creatures that live near turbines (forests actually amplify the sound)
    I’m just brainstorming, I hope it helps…

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