West Lincoln skeptical of wind talk

by Amanda Moore, Niagara This Week
Excerpt:  To Cam Pritchard, spokesperson for the West Lincoln Wind Action Group, McGuinty’s comments are just wind.   “McGuinty made no mention of a moratorium in his speech to the delegates at the conference or in his interviews afterwards,” said Pritchard, noting West Lincoln and 78 other Ontario municipalities have passed resolutions calling for a moratorium on industrial wind turbine projects. “Obviously this shows that he’s still not listening.  Pritchard was also concerned that by remaining for McGuinty’s remarks, Mayor Joyner is sending a mixed message to local residents. “Unfortunately, our mayor misses the opportunity to stand up and be counted with the other courageous elected officials who are fed up with being ignored, given no respect to the multitude of serious local concerns.”   Read article

3 thoughts on “West Lincoln skeptical of wind talk

  1. While some people felt this was a victory, I can’t help but think “Father-Knows-Best” is hoping it will lull us into complacency. If he thinks we will sit back and relax our battle strategies, he’d better think again. Our resolve must be stronger than ever!

  2. Bentley “We’re not giving every municipality the right to set their own rules, but we are taking a look at the approach”

    Translation: ” We will consider recommending a compromise for “wishy-washy” Mayors and Councils such as the one in Haldimand and may suggest something like Mayor Hewitt’s “Community Vibrancy Fund” as a compromise to weaken further opposition to our moving ahead & to further entrench our resolve to push through the elements of our Green Energy Act without alteration”.

  3. What about those communities that ignored the problems with wind and went full steam ahead with development. How is this going to change anything when the majority of turbines slated for Ontario are already up or grandfathered uner the rules that existed before the GEA. The argument seems to be all about stopping FURTHER development and never puts a focus on the existing problems that are happening right now in rural Ontario. How about just plainly saying NO! to wind development. According to the AG’s report it’s not providing the thousands of jobs claimed, nor has the cost benefit analysis been made to show that taxpayer $$ were well spent in subsidizing the renewable industry, sooooo why are we going there.

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