Getting tough on turbines

Plympton-Wyoming wants big money from wind operators
By Heather Wright, Sarnia This Week
PLYMPTON-WYOMING – Plympton-Wyoming says industrial wind turbine operators will have to put down a $200,000 deposit for each of the massive energy makers before any soil is turned. It’s one of two new standards the township council passed recently in an effort to “protect our people,” according to Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper. After the province passed the Green Energy Act, municipalities had very little say in where or how many industrial wind turbines would be erected in the territory. Suncor currently plans a 29 turbine project in Plympton-Wyoming, a move Napper is worried about. Read article

6 thoughts on “Getting tough on turbines

  1. “…in the last 30 years, 14,000 turbines have been abandoned in the United States”. This significant pattern should be a warning to us – these industrial monsters planted in our agricultural lands are likely to end up abandoned here too. With these IWT companies changing their names so often, who will be held accountable to remove them (if anyone) after they’re useless???

  2. There should be a million dollars deposit , that will slow these things down considerably,It will cost that much in a few years when these things fail , just to remove them

  3. Most important issue in this article is this MAJOR is doing his job as a public servant to serve the public with the importance of protecting men,women and children from harm with a precautionary approach. This council and major are looking after the people which is hard to find these days as a lot of other municipalities are chasing the monetary aspect of this green energy with its false dream that is only going to place more people in harms way and making the community as a whole to pay for this destruction as a whole.

  4. Did Plympton-Wyoming just screw themselves for a lousy $200,000?
    If the company’s can be found and brought to court in 20yrs., It will probably be a very short day in court.
    ” Your honour, the municipality demanded a de-comissioning fee, which we gladly paid. I don’t feel that de-comissioning is our responsibility. Council studied and calculated the take down process and we paid the fee requested.We paid the municipality for this service in good faith.”
    You are right Oldman, 1 million minimum if a council is going down this road.

    • Side Bar Article from Industrial Wind Action: “E-mails reveal maneuvering by town government on turbines”
      Could something like this be going on here in Ontario?

  5. This is an excellent idea! Good for them! I hope that all other municipalities will follow the lead.

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