Isolationism looks ugly on McGuinty

One Latte-Lovin' Lackey

By Christina Blizzard, QMI Agency
Excerpt:  His latte-loving lackeys are wrecking rural Ontario with their ruinous green energy policies, which have not just sent hydro rates spiralling upwards, but also foisted thousands of ugly wind turbines on some of the most beautiful parts of the province. 

This nasty little bout of isolationism from McGuinty reveals a side of him we haven’t seen before. This province is no longer the economic force within Confederation. We’ve had the warnings from Don Drummond and credit rating agency Moody’s about the disaster that awaits us if we don’t get our finances under control. Read article

11 thoughts on “Isolationism looks ugly on McGuinty

  1. The stories are coming fast and furious as this Green Scam is in it’s “death throes”………….Greenies scrambling for their place at the trough and the Premier blabbering stupidity in the public arena ……………….we are witnessing the end of a terrible period in our Province’s history but the future doesn’t look much better with the Wind Legacy this evil group of scammers have left us with!…..we will re-build, but we must never forget faces of those that caused this like the one above!!!!!

    • Premier blabbering stupidly…
      Yes, you have to wonder if McGuinty hasn’t
      totally lost it. His oratories are so rehearsed
      that its doubtful he could ad-lib a response
      to what the weather was like outside. He has
      screwed up big-time and even he is beginning
      to realize it.

      • Apparently, he admitted he was “shocked” by the backlash to his statements. Shows how he has now completely lost touch with reality. He actually believes everything his ENGO advisors tell him.

  2. Can’t add much to the above post, it says it all. I will add a phrase I heard recently, referring to industrial wind turbines and their effect on wildlife – “the big green, killing machines”. It’s very appropriate because they kill a lot of things – the environment, the rural quality of life, wildlife and the economic future of a province.

  3. For many many years the Can.dollar was 90cents/1.00 US and Ontario had a very strong manufacturing base with comparable sales taxes to bordering US states. Now Ontario with a high dollar and 13% sales tax makes it more desirable for consumers to shop in bordering US states if they live nearby. Has anyone done any studies to determine how much the HST has cost Ontario merchants due to cross border shopping? What about job losses due to the HST? People can shop online in the US.

  4. What’s scary is we’re watching McGuinty unspool before our eyes. He looks like a deer in the headlights and who knows how far he’ll take Ont. down this ruinous path before he’s stopped.

  5. I’ve said it many times and have to bring it up again……this man should be forced to undergo a mental assessment before he can do one more disastrous thing to Ontario………..I bet if you ran a poll across Ontario and asked people in general if they considered Dalton McGuinty to be “delusional and unfit for office” the numbers would back me up!

  6. We need to show that rural Ontario is united and disgusted in what the GEA has done to our environment, health, and lives. We can post a million comments but if we don’t show up at Queens Park in mass for everyone to see. These key strokes are not worthwhile get on the bus Guss or in the car, truck or tractor and be there on March 8th. Let’s make some noise!!!

  7. BTW……….that picture on this post is very “haunting”…….please remove it…my cat just saw it a shrieked at my monitor………………..nice hair-doo ……….NOT!

  8. Chickens shouldn’t be counted when they are still in the egg. Despite what we wish for, the reality is this. Dalton the Dolt is a politician; as such he is a professional prevaricator. Ergo, he will say anything and do nothing to preserve the status quo. The sop tossed to the plebes at the end of the ROMA conference was a stalling tactic. He may be a deer in the headlights, but he knows where the side of the road is. The ROMA announcement has had some effect in Wainfleet, forcing one Alderman to ask for time to asses McSquinty’s pronouncement before passing a Setback By-law. Tactics, not strategy. If it were strategy, he would have make the pitch during his presentation and thereby stayed the walkout, such as it was.

  9. My friends & I have long recognized the destructive nature of this pontificating martinet named Dalton . His energy policies have basically ensured the death of our manufacturing base here in Ontario & an unsustainable increase in what the Ontario consumer can stand to pay for the “gangrene” myopic fallacies McGuilty has foisted upon the gullible in our beleaguered soon to be have-not province ! I won’t do more than mention his despicable actions over the past six years, re the Caledonia fiasco by acquiescing to the thugs who have usurped control of the Six Nations people & rendered the Ontario Provincial Police all but impotent to enforce the rule of law across Haldimand/Brant & Norfolk counties . If only our urban population centers were given a steady diet of the Liberal failures rather than the milk-toast & pablum apologist rhetoric from the Toronto Star & other such media outlets that have sustained this monumental failure of governance .

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