McGuinty still taking all cues from ENGOs such as Rick Smith

Terence Corcoran: McGuinty’s half-hearted apology more sand than substance
Excerpt:   For starters, Mr. McGuinty’s green activist friends at Environmental Defence of Canada and elsewhere have rallied behind his comments, amplifying his original statement and rejoicing in their new talking points against oil sands development. Mr. McGuinty has, above all, given new life to an economic idea that makes the rounds every now and then: Dutch Disease, a concept greens instantly embraced.  Read entire article

8 thoughts on “McGuinty still taking all cues from ENGOs such as Rick Smith

  1. A host of reasons, both domestic and international,
    contributing to the demise of the Ontario economy,
    most of which are exacerbated by McGuinty’s
    incompetence rather than the strength of our dollar.

  2. Harper: ………not one dime!!!!! – Wind and Solar in Ontario

    McGuinty – Wait – It’s Dutch Disease – It’s ‘Close’

    ‘[excerpt] The facts, he said, solidly support Mr. McGuinty.

    Among the facts he cited is a 2008 speech by Avrim Lazar, of the Forest Products Association of Canada,
    who said in 2008 that “the obvious signs of Dutch Disease have been in place in Canada for some time.”

    He called for policy-makers to act. In Canadian industry circles, when business leaders call for policy action, they want subsidies,
    and that’s exactly what the forest industry got, billions of dollars worth.

    And subsidies are top of Mr. McGuinty’s agenda. In his comments Wednesday,
    he said he is now ready to make what he called “common cause” with Alberta Premier Alison Redford on a national energy strategy.

    What would such a national strategy involve? In Mr. McGuinty’s plan it would include not just the oil sands but also Ontario’s green energy agenda.

    The Ontario government is soon to announce a reduction in green-energy subsidies it pays for wind and solar power. It will be painful politically,
    but now Mr. McGuinty can claim
    that it’s all the fault of the oil-based dollar and

    Ottawa’s failure to set up a national energy strategy that would help Ontario pay for its green energy disease —

    the high-cost wind and solar power that is driving up electricity prices and killing Ontario’s job potential.

    All in all, Mr. McGuinty has apologized for nothing,
    reinforced the oil sands as a cause of Ontario’s economic troubles and
    shifted the policy responsibility to Ottawa. Brilliant, but it certainly should not be allowed to stand.’

    p.s. McGuinty Liberals – The Movie – coming to a town – near you – soon

  3. You may want to send this letter to all MPPs:

    Dear MPP:
    Environmental Defence, a non-governmental group, is asking Ontario citizens to write to you, asking you to reject a Private Member’s Bill, to be presented in the Legislature by Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson. She is asking for a moratorium on industrial wind turbines in Ontario.
    You should know that Environmental Defence and its Executive Director, Rick Smith, were intimately involved in lobbying the former Energy Minister, George Smitherman, even helping to create the Green Energy and Economy Act which took away local democratic rights. This has resulted in industrial wind turbines being erected throughout rural Ontario, causing health problems, destroying property values, and killing wildlife while driving up our electricity bills.

    You should also know that Environmental Defence is supported financially by industrial wind developers such as NextEra, among other groups.

    Many of the “facts” this organization presents are wrong, as confirmed by Ontario’s own Auditor General in his December 2011 report.
    Here are a few corrections.
    Environmental Defence: “Ontario’s shift towards developing its renewable resources has been a massively important step in ensuring Ontario can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Wind is vital to the economic future of the province as it creates new jobs, improves our energy security and creates new income opportunities for rural communities. “
    WRONG. The potential number of jobs to be created is overstated and not supported by facts; the majority of jobs will be short-term construction jobs. Wind power has never resulted in the closure of a single fossil-fuel power plant anywhere…in fact, wind power requires fossil-fuel generation as back-up.
    Environmental Defence: “Anti-wind groups … would have you believe that windmills are somehow a new and untested technology… wind power has been around in its current form for 30 years in Europe.” WRONG: Wind power is intermittent, inefficient and unreliable. It’s also really really expensive. And the turbines being erected these days at 2 megawatts or more, are nothing like turbines used 30 years ago.
    Environmental Defence: “The physical, social, economic, health and environmental impacts of wind are already well understood. Numerous independent studies have been conducted and have all come to the same conclusion. There is no evidence of adverse health effects from windmills.”
    WRONG: there is plenty of evidence to show that there are negative health effects from the environmental noise and vibration produced by industrial wind turbines. And the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s report was never published in a peer-reviewed journal. It is an outdated and incomplete review that has been roundly criticized.

    We could say more but will conclude with this: Environmental Defence has a vested interest in ensuring that the wind power Gold Rush continues, and shows no compassion for either the environment or the hundreds of Ontarians now being affected by the industrialization of rural Ontario for profit.

    We urge you to vote FOR MPP Lisa Thompson’s bill.


  4. Dutch Disease sure didn’t cause the loss of millions of US manufacturing jobs anymore than it has caused the loss of Ontario industrial jobs. These industrial jobs moved overseas where manufacturing is encouraged and not discouraged like it is here by ENGOs
    Ontario is very fortunate to have vast natural resources to fall back on for economic survival but oil is not one of them. Kill Alberta oil and kill Canada.

  5. Smith, a desperate wee little man supported by foreign interests trying to prop up another wee little man called Dalton McGuinty!
    Sad gaggle of little small greedy lying and immoral people who should not be allowed to call Ontario their home…………..they would fit in much better in a “forward thinking and sustainable country like CHINA!”

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