Robert Oliphant’s Support for Wind

Liberal MP, Robert Oliphant

By Ron Hartlen, Owen Sound Sun Times
Mr. Oliphant’s letter revealed either a complete failure to understand the technical issues, or a blatant ideological and political attempt to mislead the Public.   There is a fundamental mismatch between the demand on Ontario’s system, and the availability of wind power. When we need the wind to displace coal, it’s often not there; when it is there, we often don’t need it because we wouldn’t be burning any coal anyway. This mismatch between the system-demand and availability-of-wind is in fact a fundamental characteristic of Ontario.
Nothing can be done about it without storage capability; the storage technologies will cost more than the wind turbines; so the cost of wind power will go through the roof. Adding more wind capacity will create an increasing intermittent excess of unneeded power, and make the grid system more and more difficault to manage.

Ontario already has a very clean generation mix. In 2011, coal accounted for only 2.7% of Ontario’s generation, and much of this was essential for “ramping” to match rapidly-changing demand. Between 2008 and 2011 coal generation fell by 19.1 TWh, from 23.2 TWh to 4.1 TWh. Over the same time, wind generation increased by only 2.5 TWh from 1.4 to 3.9 TWh. And much of that increased wind would have occured when we weren’t burning coal anyway. So the increased wind generation contributed next to nothing to displacing coal.

If Canada’s Doctors are so concerned about medical effects of coal, perhaps they should do something toward helping people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia know precisely when they are at risk, and what to do about it.

11 thoughts on “Robert Oliphant’s Support for Wind

  1. Wind Turbines are causing more harm to more people in the short time they have been in operation than all the coal plants have ever done in their long history in Ontario. This guy calls himself a Doctor?……………that’s an insult to all the honest and good Doctors who actually care about people and THEY should be outraged by these lies and falsehoods that Oliphant is issuing without any repercussions!

    • That would be “Doctor” as in Reverend Robert Oliphant … all heel, no heal.

      I don’t know for sure what Dr Olipant is kissing but I think they might be made of brass and belong to Mike Crawley.

      • No, those can’t be Crawley’s — he doesn’t have any. He wouldn’t even stop to talk to the people whose lives he ruined at the opening of the Harrow Wind project.

      • Not to mention Crawley is probably not capable of an inverted leg split and hold position.

      • If they are Crawleys they’ll be gold painted plastic. Appear solid but really a cheap foreign knock off.

    • I hope a large number of Lisa Thompson supporters show up at Queen’s Park. Only a small group were there for Todd Smith’s bill but there has been a bit more time to organize. How many groups are arranging for buses? Does anyone know?

  2. If you listen to the “laughable” wind company’s mantra , (Leader Resources comes to mind) wind BACKS up gas and coal!! Unbelievable!

    • ED, can you point me to the mantra reference ? (I’m always happy to slip a torpedo in the water.) Thanks.

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