The shocking truth

by Tom Adams, Financial Post

Average Ontario household power rates will be the highest in North America except for Prince Edward Island by the end of 2013. The pace of Ontario’s rate increases will pick up in 2014 due to commitments already locked in. With power rates in the U.S. trending downward, Ontario’s lead is going to widen. Read article

3 thoughts on “The shocking truth

  1. With the liberals destroying the economey, with all kinds of high power costs , taxes , Companies moving out of Ontario because they can’t afford to do business here.Health problems , What is Mcguinty up too? Is he intentionaly driving people out of Ontario? Why does he want to create so much misery, what does he have against rural people, The liberals need to be stopped now, Lets hope that one of the parties pulls the plug on his regime. I personaly would welcome an election

  2. Energy intensive industries will be driven out by high energy costs and those are the industries with the high paying jobs.

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