Want a quick fix? Cut green energy spending

Letter to Niagara This Week from Robert Russo
Throughout the previous provincial campaign you showed support for the McGuinty government in your opinion column.  You professed that green energy was a good thing bringing to light the Hamburg wind turbines moving ever so slow, but producing power regardless. Nothing wrong with micro scale green energy for personal use.  If you want to fix the Ontario deficit quickly start by scrapping the government subsidy to industrial solar and wind projects.  This is the most regressive tax on all Ontario residents. Squandering 24 billion tax dollars over the next few years on producing less than one quarter of one percent of electrical needs for the Ontario grid.  Not to mention the costs associated to pay other jurisdictions to take this green energy produced at non peak times.   Read article

18 thoughts on “Want a quick fix? Cut green energy spending

    • This slithering snake is a Liar , I can almost see the word LIAR stamped on his
      forehead if I look close enough. He’s lied before and he will continue again to lie.
      He uses his family pictures for propaganda in the background, yet he has and will
      continue to crush families dreams placing Turbines too close to their homes.
      A disgusting example of a politician. This maggot needs to resign.

    • Dont be so sure about McGuinty

      Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.
      Albert Einstein

      First letter to the editor of mine they did not butcher and disect. I managed to get a response from the columnist Mr. Doug Draper drapers@vaxxine.com but he stopped after the first reply.

      I am tempted to publish it here, quite comical really

      • Hi Rob! Nice letter!
        I wouldn’t waste your time on Doug Draper, most of the drivel he writes would be comical if he only had a sense of humour!
        Andrew Watts

  1. Sent to my non-Liberal MPP on February 20, in response to the OWR story from February 17, concerning the Hydro One atrocity near Orangeville …

    Hello Ted,

    The province is quite content to spend billions on unnecessary electricity from renewables and other new sources and then export it while being paid 15 to 20 cents on the dollar.

    Meanwhile, Hydro One and other provincial entities, etc, see fit to mistreat many Ontario families:


    Every 1,000 MW of renewables adds $ 400 – $ 500 million to provincial electricity bills. If we cut just 1/3 or about 2,500 MW of the additional quantity of renewables planned by 2018, we could save most of that money and use a small portion of it to treat homeowners such as those noted above fairly.

    Feel free to contact me to further discuss.

    Bruce Sharp, P. Eng.

  2. I expect the painting on the wall was also propaganda for this crock of sh*t. Somebody please wipe that crooked smirk off his face. That ass has a list of tricks longer than your arm. Will people ever learn? No he’s shoving it to the people who voted him in! He’s a desperate person (not much of a man). He’s a better liar than an actor; reading scripts – not his gig I guess. Using our kids to pull our heartstrings..very low.
    Very hearless, evil, demented….
    And as a province, we allow this to continue…..oh mylanta
    Excuse me now while I vomit.

  3. My spouse is a non-teaching school board employee and can tell horror stories of the waste that occurs because of poor management. For example, many thousands spent to upgrade the boiler room in a school that was torn down six months later. Different departments within the board have their own plans but refuse to discuss anything with other department heads causing unnecessary spending. Instead of picking on the teachers, school boards should be looking at how competent the management is if they want to cut expenses and spend the money on students.

    One point that he made was that ‘some’ teachers retire with a huge payout for sick time. This payout is based on years of service and the number of sick days banked. If either is inadequate then the payout is not made. In fact, very few school board employees actually achieve the numbers.

  4. Some people think that wind power in England is expensive — by an order of Magnitude. Gosh, what a surprise. Like whoddathunkit? Certainly not politicians…


    The casual assumption that expenditures on green technology represent an
    efficient and economic use of scarce resources is little more than a convenient
    fairy tale for troubled times. Reality is rather different. Some green technologies
    will pay off – yielding satisfactory returns to both investors and users –
    but many will not. Ample experience tells us that any returns are likely to be
    smaller and take much longer to be earned than the enthusiastic projections
    produced by enthusiasts and lobbyists.

    Well some are getting the idea…

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