Samsung wind farm up for discussion

By Susan Gamble, Brantford Expositor
OHSWEKEN– Six Nations is preparing to revisit a controversial deal with electronics giant Samsung, but very carefully. Two years ago, the elected council signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung about developing a 55-turbine wind farm in South Cayuga on Crown land that’s part of a Six Nations claim. But the agreement was controversial from the start and, last January, Chief Bill Montour announced that the year-long memorandum wouldn’t be renewed because the two sides couldn’t agree on how to proceed. Read article

21 thoughts on “Samsung wind farm up for discussion

    • Hey concernedresident,
      fabulous link – scary!
      ….whereas for Chief Montour – I think I’ll reserve my comment at this time.
      But, I will say – actions speak louder than words.

      • There is more than one Mr “Bill” Montur-….. are you sure they are one and the same?
        Research what the “elected council” and the position of “chief” represent in the history of the original people.
        Civil servants are created positions.

      • Hey Linda,
        I am referring to Chief Bill Montour – Six Nations.
        There is only one person by that name – associated with Six Nations.
        Six Nations has their own council.
        Does that help?

      • Just poking you- was just seeing if people were paying attention- the man in the video
        IS NOT “Chief” William Montour of the elected council of Six Nations- other people are also confused about who is Bill Montour and what “chief” and “elected council represents” to my neighbours. Local politicians spouting the same selling points as municipal councilors. Communities showing the divide that renewable energy projects powered by wind bring.

      • please excuse the spelling errors- inflictions are so hard to write or text

      • Hey Linda,
        I understand what you are saying.
        I was mostly referring to the newspaper article.
        So – what is really going on?
        It appears – the wind projects are moving forward – and the municipality is partnering up with Six Nations in a huge industrial development project –
        and we learn –
        it also will accommodate a ‘gas plant’ – we do not know how big (MW).

        To date: to my knowledge communities normally do not want a ‘gas plant’.

        what is going on? – and, what are the expectations of the Six Nations community?

      • It represents the same divide being played out in other communities- elected council is not representative of the majority of the residents within the territories of the original people (my apologies at not spelling the correct name and title)

        Please consider how many people who were “eligible to vote” actually participate in the “elected council mechanism”…. it is a tool of administrative power and control that was contrived under the Indian Act.

        The same dynamics of politicians being seduced by big business- in this case politicians whose existence is artificial and not validated by the huge majority of people living within the boundaries of the territories. It is claimed or assumed that this contrived authority is an accepted governance within the community.

        True consultation means a dialogue of the people and where everyone’s voice is heard and given the same respect and weight. Not only heard but respected and given the same power of consensus.

        Politicians again speaking for a few, lured and fueled by the false promises of jobs and monies. The reactions of the community to the open houses will be something to watch for sure.

        Natural LAW is what I am cheering for from the Protectors of the Land, Air and Water. I am honoured they are allowing us to stand with them in this fight to protect Turtle Island to protect the animals, birds and creatures of the land and for the future generations of people yet to be.

        True Wind Warriors.

        True Wind Warriors. I am honoured they are allowing to stand with them as allies in this war against Turtle Island.

  1. “It’s really important that all members of the Six Nations have the opportunity to learn about this exciting opportunity and give their voice to the final community decision,” said Montour in a news release

    This sounds like an statement Hewitt would make, I can only imagine what backdoor deals have been made to make this happen.
    Anyone who would like to tell Chief Bill Montour of Six Nations what you think and send some facts to
    him, his email is;

    I hope he’ll tell his people the truth.

  2. I nearly fell off my chair!

    Chief Bill Montour – Positioning and determination –
    and a council ‘shuffle’ –
    willing and waiting – and are your ready?

    and, a ‘Gas Plant’ – for the area

    “It puts us on the map as far as our Green Energy Accord initiative is concerned,” Cardy said.

    “It is still in the development stages, but after that we can start selling lots and bringing industry to the community.”

    In 2009, a letter of intent was signed between the county and Six Nations to develop the business park together.

    “They may wish to purchase parcels of land,” Johnston said.

    “There is an opportunity to jointly develop the park and create employment opportunities for both municipalities.”

    Six Nations elected band council Chief Bill Montour said Six Nations
    will have an interest in obtaining revenue from future projects planned for the site.

    Montour said Six Nations plans to work with a local builder, Guswhenta Developments,
    to construct a proposed natural gas power plant at the 403 business park.

    “We are waiting on a power-purchase agreement and a future meeting with (Ontario Minister of Energy) Chris Bentley,”

    Montour said during an interview with Brant News. “Until we can get a meeting, it can not go much further.”

    Montour said Six Nations is also interested in building a greenhouse on the site to grow produce for the benefit of the county and Six Nations.

    County of Brant Coun. Robert Chambers said the county’s Green Energy Accord with Six Nations is one vehicle for working together on development.

    “The Green Energy Accord is a vehicle for consultation with and accommodation of Six Nations,” Chambers said.

    “That is key to our future. Prior to purchasing that land, (the county) did a lot of work with Six Nations.”

    County staff were shuffled during a recent organizational review of the municipality.

    Johnston is now working in a new role focused on attracting business.

    “The direction of council has shifted considerably from what it was before,” Chambers said.

    “We are shifting toward an aggressive pursuit of economic development and are preparing to be sustainable in the future.”

    p.s. one comment @ end of article is interesting!
    They call it – a ‘sustainable future!

  3. “It’s really important that all members of the Six Nations have the opportunity to learn about this exciting opportunity and give their voice to the final community decision,” said Montour in a news release.

    This line sounds written by someone else. It’s surely part of a media contract for him to say that in those exact words. Me thinks the Chief is being bullied and directed.
    No one is safe.

  4. Is everyone somewhat confused??? There are two Bills with different spelling of last name.

    Six Nations elected band council Chief Bill Montour – this is the one in the article re:Samsung

    The other is Bill Monture of (Haudenosaunee) Six Nations – this is the one standing with the residents of Haldimand and Norfolk

    Bill Monture from Six Nations states his concerns to Norfolk council on turbines.
    “one of our concerns is the 1701 Nanfan Treaty our right to hunt and fish”.
    “who is protecting the animals the migrating birds”
    “The environmental impact it’s going to have on the animals and birds, that’s where we come in”
    “immediately a moratorium on everything, there should be a study done”
    “Preserve the way of life”
    “smallest to the oldest has a voice”
    ” That’s why we are here tonight, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Norfolk and Haldimand”
    “If we allow this to happen, what’s going to be left for him?”
    “To me, I see you have government ramming it down your throat,”
    “Listen to the people that’s where true Democracy starts “

    • Summer,
      Thank you for shedding some light.
      Do you know how the Six Nation’s community feels – at this point, in the Samsung situation?
      There’s also the issue of the industrial park – and, its ‘gas plant’.

      Do the citizens of the Six Nation’s community ‘really know’ what is going on?

      From where I am sitting – I would encourage them – to reject the Samsung deal.
      The ‘gas plant’ would support the wind.

      How much money is on the table? Does anybody know?

  5. Hello Freethinker
    We do not know much at this point, this came as quite a shock, but there are some of us that are wanting to attend the upcoming meetings at Six Nations and I am sure will we have a better idea then of just what the feeling is of the people. We do know how Bill Monture feels about the environmental impacts for his peoples as we have heard him speak on several occasions. He told us that the natives respect even the smallest of children and they are allowed to voice their opinions. When decisions are made they take into account the next seven generations.

  6. Controversial energy projects in the Southwest deserts have raised concerns about large-scale impacts to desert ecosystems, endangered and threatened species and Native American cultural resources. Several legal challenges by tribal and environmental groups are being heard in Federal Courts in the United States and Mexico. Projects have repeatedly been stopped and delayed.

    Anthony Pico of Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians

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