Hudak to introduce wind farm bill

by Jonathan Sher, London Free Press
Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak will introduce a private member’s bill Wednesday to scrap new subsidies for costly wind and solar farms. While the bill wouldn’t affect farmers with contracts for small green energy projects, proposed industrial wind and solar farms could face renewed local opposition and a questionable future. Gone would be new subsidies that Hudak says are pushing electricity rates sky-high and choking economic growth.  Read article

6 thoughts on “Hudak to introduce wind farm bill

  1. Are we ever in a mess in Ontario! If the energy minister meets with municipal councils it could sound like a sweet deal. This is scary.

  2. gaiagoddess says:
    03/06/2012 at 22:05

    But these are mostly proposals. How far into the process do they have to be before there’s no turning back?

    Oh about 1 second — on a busy day.

    Thank your Liberal MPP and his NDP supporters.

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