Fedeli on Wind and Solar: Power to the People

Written by: Ontario PC Party

“If businesses can’t count on a secure and inexpensive supply of electricity, they won’t invest in Ontario.” – Dalton McGuinty, The Toronto Star, January 16, 1992

Tim Hudak’s plan to unwind the Liberals’ unsustainable wind and solar energy subsidy scheme will restore local decision-making powers to affected municipalities, Ontario PC Energy Critic Vic Fedeli said today.  “The Affordable Energy and Restoration of Local Decision Making Act will enable local governments to better represent community needs when it comes to local renewable energy projects,” Fedeli said.

In addition to rolling back the FIT and micro-FIT subsidy programs, the Act would:

  • Enable local governments tio approve or disallow future large-scale wind or solar projects within their boundaries by empowering them to create rules, city zoning amendments, bylaws, etc.
  • Require the Minister of Energy to consult municipalities through non-binding Council resolutions about current FIT contracts for large-scale wind and solar projects, and
  • Require the Minister to seek advice from municipalities affected by already existing large-scale wind or solar FIT contracts on a case-by-case basis.

“Once that advice is received, the Minister must make one of three decisions: order the contract to proceed as is, approve the contracts with conditions or end the project outright,” Fedeli said.

At every step, the process would be undertaken mindful of value-for-money and supply-and-demand considerations, he added.

“This Act is part of an integrated, pro-growth plan that reduces the size and cost of government on one side, while powering up the private sector economy on the other,” Fedeli said.

“With Ontarians staring at a $30 billion deficit, and with 600,000 people out of work, we know now that Dalton McGuinty’s one-off spending binges, failed energy experiments and ad-hoc approach to government have been a total failure – and that there is a better way.”

Fedeli said it’s time for Ontario to treat energy policy as economic policy, founded on the principles of affordability, market competition and a stable regulatory environment.

“That effort starts with restoring local control over wind and solar projects that we don’t need, and cannot afford.”

3 thoughts on “Fedeli on Wind and Solar: Power to the People

  1. Rise up and revolt. They have destroyed our industry with high electric costs urban people do not understand that deficits and debts matter, What benefit to our education system, social programs infractructure,and lower taxes if the 10 billion dollars in interest were to go to them?

    When the interest rates rise, the interest will be 33% of what the government spends.

    We are the fools for accepting the Liberal governmnt supported by the NDP

    It is long past time that we rose up as a society and demand wind turbines be removed right away or force the McGUINTY Liberals to resign

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