Liberals and NDP Team Up to Vote Against Wind Moratorium: MPP Thompson

(Queen’s Park)—Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) was disappointed that the Liberal government and the NDP teamed up to defeat her private members motion calling for a moratorium on further wind development until third party social, physical and economic health and environmental studies have been completed. Thompson tabled the motion in December and was pleased to use her one private members opportunity to support her constituents, and those across rural Ontario who are also calling for a moratorium.

Earlier in the day, Thompson hosted a press conference at Queen’s Park with Pat Jilesen a farmer from the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture, Bethenee Jensen a farmer from the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario and MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton).

“I am very disappointed that the Liberals and NDP voted against this motion,” said Thompson. “They are clearly not on the side of rural Ontario. Industrial wind farms were created by the McGuinty Liberals in haste, without proper planning and without proper science. Ontario right now has a surplus of power, and we are exporting excess power to other provinces and states for pennies on the kilowatt hour, while Ontario families are paying through the roof for Dalton McGuinty’s poorly planned out industrial wind energy projects. It’s simply not fair.”

The Liberal government has commissioned a $1.5 million taxpayer funded study into the health effects of wind turbines at the University of Waterloo. However, the McGuinty Liberals are still approving massive industrial wind projects without a completed study.

“We need to slow down, hit the pause button on these industrial wind projects until we know the true social, physical and economic health and environmental costs of wind turbines,” said Thompson. “If the McGuinty Liberals have commissioned their own study, I question why they are rushing through the approvals process. It makes me wonder if the Liberals are serious about finding out the health and environmental effects, or if this is simply a $1.5 million taxpayer funded public relations move.”

Thompson would like to thank everyone who signed petitions and came to Queen’s Park to support her first motion as MPP for Huron-Bruce. Thompson and all MPP’s across Ontario received 1,500 emails in support of the motion.

33 thoughts on “Liberals and NDP Team Up to Vote Against Wind Moratorium: MPP Thompson

  1. I guess the NDP don’t expect to ever get a seat in a rural riding ever again. It’s hard to believe they would turn their backs on rural Ontarians and health studies. If they believe in these wind turbines so much they would welcome the independent studies and prove us anti wind people are wrong.

    The Fiberals and NDP know the truth will come out when we finally get the independent studies and they want to avoid this for as long as they can.

  2. Totally predictable outcome, unfortunately. McGuinty is dug in awfully deep, and will never admit that his Green Energy Act and all the rest constitutes the biggest political blunder in the history of Canada. The New Democrats are … well, they’re New Democrats … convinced that if they hold their breath, squeeze their eyes shut really, really hard and wish upon a star …

  3. Depressing, but still glad I was there. It’s much better to keep fighting. Make a point of being there April 3rd.

  4. We appreciate your efforts Lisa! We will remember next election, who was on the sides of rural citizens.
    Meanwhile, today I came across a letter that a pro-wind group had sent out to MPP’s advising them not to vote for Lisa’s motion. Here’s one part of their letter… “One can only conclude that MPP Lisa Thompson has no science or truth based reasons to introduce her Private Members Bill, and that her motives must be entirely political.”
    If you want to really get your blood boiling, here’s where you can see the rest of it…..
    I think we can be assured that this sort of letter was sent to the NDP members as well.
    I’m going to post their entire letter up on the quixote site. Lying scumbags.

  5. 9 PCs did not vote. This is worse than the last time. When will you learn you are being played? Every vote would have to count for this to go through – it never had a chance even with the PCs. Lay off the politics.

    • There was never much chance this would go through but 9 PCs are a problem now. This is ~25% of the elected PCs.
      Need to know why this happened PDQ.

    • Keith, you always conveniently leave out the part about how none of the NDP voted to protect rural Ontario. Instead of dreaming up conspiracy theories, how about you concentrate on finding out why the NDP keep supporting this wind scam. This constant criticism of people who are actually trying to help is wearing a little thin.

      • Most rural Ontarians who are engaged in the fight against IWTs already know why the NDPs support them.Promoting IWT installations is in the NDP platform.They are also favourable to Greenpeace policies and have been sold a bill of goods that renewable energy jobs will replace the good paying industrial jobs that have been lost.
        Yesterday’s vote was a very important vote and those who voted no either don’t know or don’t care about the issues involved with IWTs.

    • Keith,

      As I said before …
      The Conservatives are the only political ally we have. Whether they dislike IWTs as much as we do remains to be seen. Whether they are true to their word … only time will tell. They’re all we’ve got at the moment.

      Whether you can or cannot stomach being on the same planet as Hudak and Co. doesn’t matter to anybody. You haven’t offered any constructive suggestions … short of lying down and letting the Liberal bus run over you.

      You are the one being political … let something else “occupy” your mind and get over it.

      • The IWT battle must be fought on many fronts and political is one of them because this involves laws that were legislated/enacted by elected representatives.

  6. Yes Quioxte…Call us “RURAL” Ontario and Toronto can be called … well…Toronto, Hog Town, The Big Smoke… whatever the hell they chose as long as they pay a toll to cross our borders! The Irony is that today they spoke of Sir Issac BROCK and how he fought the takeover by the Americans. He led the charge at Queenston Heights and was shot by a sniper. His last words were “Press ON” ( In french ) . This my friends is bigger than the war of 1812. We are in the midst of a corporate take over. Our Premier should be charged with treason! I hope some of the signs on April 3rd clearly state ” OUST McGuinty NOW!”
    Try to remember that 2 years ago we just had Bill Murdoch fight for us at Q’s P. Today we had a good fight by the Tories. We got a standing ovation from the floor. It got louder when we turned our backs on the Shysters. That my friend, in the business world is called TRACTION! Hang tough… we ARE gaining momentum. These things take time..
    Just you wait until the FIT reviews. That will shake many loose nuts from the tree. Every day there is a new headline that widens the chink in their armour. Every day we are closer to victory.


  7. It appears as though we need to have our own ARAB SPRING right here in rural Ontario!!!!!

  8. Today our minority government passed a bill to honour Sir General Isaac Brock and passed a bill to make Carbon Monoxide Detectors mandatory but totally snubbed their noses at those people with valid health issues relating to wind turbines being placed too close to their homes. I only hope that the day the inspectors that come into our homes to make sure that we are safe from Carbon Monoxide that they bring with them the infrasound detectors and stray voltage detectors and find out just how safe we are from these horrendous wind turbines that are being forced upon all of rural Ontario.

    To Stephana and Barbara and every other person suffering in their home or out of their home. We all felt your pain today, there are many out there who do care and are supporting you every step of the way.

    Thank you Lisa Thompson, Toby, Garfield, Lisa and all the other PC’s who are fighting for the rights of the rural citizens. Shame on you to all members of the Liberal Party, and double, triple shame on you all the members of NDP – you are even worse than the Liberals, you profess to be for the people, the unions will no longer be backing you when every decent paying job in Ontario is gone because employers will be leaving this province in record numbers because they can longer afford that Hydro to keep their companies viable.

    In closing I would like to mention the leaders of ALL parties that were absent for the vote today on Lisa Thompsons Private Members Bill, you may not realize it or maybe don’t care but this it the most important issue in Ontario this year, maybe even this decade. Do not ignore us any longer!!

  9. Ahem…pardon me?…did I hear someone say we need to have an Arab Spring right here in Ontario? What a lovely and novel idea dear helen. Thank you for bringing that notion forward. I never dreamed we could be the desendants of the pioneers who in 1812 run the invaders out of Queenston Heights even though they were outnumbered. But now that you mention it, it does sound like an uprising might put these shysters on the run. McGuinty may have opened the door but a door can be shut when folks catch on to the treachery of a corporate takeover.

  10. Could this be the beginning of “The Ontario Spring”?…………..pry these people out of their cushy leather tax payer funded chairs inside their Pink Bunker and drag them outside into the harsh day light of TRUTH and pissed off CITIZENS!……………..the we will hear the squeals of outrage by the weasels who throw childish remarks back at the Gallery!!!!!……………no respect is the word of the day!

  11. The title to this article is very misleading. There was a total of 7 NDippers who voted against the motion and 10 who did not vote…. there were also 16 Liberals who didn’t vote. Of far bigger concern is the 9 Conseravatives who didn’t cast a vote INCLUDING THEIR LEADER. Here is the comoplete list of their names. Every one of these individuals needs to be contacted and publicly shamed.

    Michael Harris
    Randy Hillier
    Tim Hudak
    Frank Klees
    Jim McDonell
    Jane McKenna
    Norm Miller
    Peter Shurman
    Elizabeth Witmer

    • These missing PCs calendars should have been left clear for this March 8 vote. If for nothing more than to show rural Ontarians their support for them.

  12. OK BGL…You lasso Taubins…and drag him out. Helen, you cause a big diversion and I’ll go for that mouthy liberal lady in their front row. I don’t know her name but I will never forget her face or the shiny blouses she wears each time we are there. Perhaps we can pay those cute little Pages to circle the security guards. LOL.

    Seriously though, we need to have thousands on the front lawn that are prepared to make lots of noise. Those bells at Queens Park should be simulated for about 8 hours straight. Any ideas?

    • Melodie,
      I THINK I MIGHT HAVE AN IDEA, and it was inspired by your statement, “Those bells at Queens Park should be simulated for about 8 hours straight.” We have no control over QP’s bells, but we can bring our own dinner bell, decorative bell whatever bell you can lay your hands on.
      I Googled the meaning of “ringing of bells”. Of course church-related meanings came up – but so did the following. Pay particular attention to the last explanation:
      Definition 2 “Ringing Bells”
      Meaning: Persuasion of voters in a political campaign
      Classified under: Nouns denoting communicative processes and contents
      Synonyms: canvassing; electioneering; bell ringing
      Hypernyms (“bell ringing” is a kind of…): persuasion; suasion (the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade); communication intended to induce belief or action.

      Are we not trying to do just that? We are trying to persuade and communicate what WE KNOW to be true about IWT’s. Not what some propaganda machine wants people to believe.
      I firmly believe we need to do something different to bring attention to our cause. Numbers first of all must show up, no question, I would suggest at least a couple of thousand people need to be present on April 3. Signs will still be important, but would ringing bells not be an interesting twist? We could build a whole campaign around it. “Ringing of the alarm bells” – time has run out on people’s lives, for example. “Ringing of the alarm bells” – our economy is going down the toilet. “Alarm bells for all” – birds and other wildlife is being affected. And many more.

      Before the age of sirens, bells were used to draw attention to an issue. Think of the town crier. THIS idea should be acceptable to all. Clean, not too outlandish. Noisy to be sure, but we need to get the attention somehow.

      Let me know what you think? If you don’t like it, that is OK. Just brainstorming. But do you then have something to offer up? We need to get working on this, folks. April 3 will be here before you know it.

  13. Why don’t you have a “town crier” ring some bells for the crowd and say “Hear Ye …Hear Ye………..We are now in session!:……at this point the Town Crier can read aloud a list of charges against McGuinty and his Gang and then hold a brief “mock trial” where everyone is the jury and the verdict of Guilty is handed down!
    It would only take a few minutes but you may show the rest of the spectators there that there is such a thing as a “PEOPLE’S COURT and WE have a right to judge the performance of our servants!
    That’s what McGuinty really is……a SERVANT, yet he thinks he’s a King!

  14. An Open Letter to the Citizens of Huron-Bruce:

    I want to start by thanking the many people who supported me as I prepared to debate my first piece of private member’s legislation March 8 in the Ontario Legislature. I received more than 1,700 E-mails from across the province, many coming from Huron-Bruce.

    I deeply appreciated the supportive phone calls, letters and the support of those who made the trek to Toronto March 8 to listen to second reading debate. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

    Since my motion was voted down by the Liberals and New Democratic Party (NDP), I have heard from some citizens who were frustrated by the fact that not all of my Progressive Conservative colleagues were there for the vote. I am writing to you today to clear up some misconceptions.

    First, I met with the NDP Wednesday and was told by its energy critic, the party would not be supporting me. It was evident that the Liberals were not supportive.

    Second, I had 100-per-cent support from all of my caucus colleagues for my motion. However, sometimes real life gets in the way. One of my colleagues had a sick child in hospital. My leader, Tim Hudak, had to be in Ottawa.

    What many people don’t know is that my time to debate private member’s business was not supposed to be until late this year. However, one of my colleagues gave me her time to debate private member’s legislation because she knew how important this issue was to you, to me, and the entire PC Caucus.

    Because my motion was called for debate so quickly, some members already had pre-arranged events in their riding that they could not cancel. However, my colleagues who were not necessarily there for the vote supported me by reading petitions and delivering statements.

    PC leader Tim Hudak has been a champion of this issue. So much so, that he is devoting his one opportunity in the 40th Parliament to debating his bill, the Affordable Energy and Restoration of Local Decision Making Act, 2012. This legislation would end the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program, restore local decision-making power to municipalities, and require the energy minister to consult with communities affected by wind and solar projects still under development.

    My Leader and my caucus colleagues have been extremely supportive and will continue to be as we work toward returning respect to rural Ontario.

    Lisa Thompson, MPP

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