Suncor breakfast invite rejected

By Paul Morden, The Sarnia Observer
Municipal politicians in Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores said, “No thanks,” when Suncor invited them to breakfast at the Sawmill Creek Golf Resort and Spa to talk about the company’s Cedar Point Wind Power Project. The Ontario Power Authority awarded Suncor a Feed-in Tariff contract last July for the 100 MW wind farm it proposes to build on lands near Forest that crosses the boundary of the two municipalities. Read article

3 thoughts on “Suncor breakfast invite rejected

  1. Now that’s the kind of leadership we need in Haldimand. Maybe we should all send them this article so they can see how to conduct themselves and serve their residents. Oh yea. I guess there would be no deals to be cut, no vibrancy funds, no Samsung ads if they did that.

  2. What a fantastic article. It gave me chills!
    Thank you for conducting business in an ethical and fully transparent way.
    Developers have a hard time doing that since McGuinty gave them full access to our Ontario.
    Way to go!

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