March of the green zombies

Liberal, New Democrat MPPs just keep blowing in the wind  by Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
What good are zombie politicians? Seriously.  Politicians who won’t even make a symbolic protest against Ontario’s disastrous experiment with green energy, which Premier Dalton McGuinty rushed into without knowing what he was doing.  Last Thursday, Liberals and a handful of New Democrats defeated a Conservative private member’s motion by Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson, calling for a moratorium on future wind turbine developments.  Read article

5 thoughts on “March of the green zombies

  1. Well said! The present government was taken in by developers,eco-nuts and the UN. Now this will cost all Ontarians millions of dollars along with a badly damaged economy.

  2. I think we are still missing the point that all or most politicians are puppets of the bigger corporations pulling their ( political) strings. Very few out there that are humane politicians. One big corporate affair, And these are what represents our best interests?. The justice system is also a money grabbing system. this is a casino winning system after all our energy and earnings. We pay for legal fees, we pay for protesting, we pay in hydro bills ,we pay for infrastructure,we pay in taxes,we pay in property losses, we pay for everything they ruin. The tab will be running for a long time at our expense. CHEERS

  3. Well said Unveiled! There is a revolution occuring in rural Ontario and it is against the corporations that want to industrialize our lands. Corporations control the politicians and they control the media. We need to reach our urban cousins to get the message out as to what is happening outside their borders.

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