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31 thoughts on “Order Your McGuinty Bumper Sticker Today!

    • One must “earn” respect not “demand” it!.when was the last time Dolton showed ANY respect for Rural Ontario????????
      Political Correctness has destroyed this once beautiful Province.now it’s just a dumping ground for very very disrespectful criminals and politicians!!

    • Nowhere near as disrespectful as McGuinty’s contempt for the residents of this Province. In case you didn’t hear it the first time – RESPECT is earned not a given right. That man has done nothing to earn respect: he has lied, misled, stripped away democratic rights, ripped Ontario into rural opposed to urban and continues to storm ahead with initiatives that are destroying everything. What exactly is deserving of respect in any of that? I guess I should thank him as my health, peace of mind and financial security are destroyed while he celebrates his ‘successes’.

    • You don’t recall being called a NIMBY by McShifty? I hardly believe there was any respect on his part towards you when that statement came out of his mouth.

      • I think most of David’s posts are actually wrapped up with a big sarcastic rubber band. I’ve asked him to use the sarcasm tag but he won’t listen.

      • Sarcasm is almost as good as scepticism, isn’t it Dave?
        Dave, aim a little lower, you keep going over people’s heads.

      • Johanna et al

        Take a spelling refresher course and re-read my post. 😉

        On another point those who actually read my posts will re-call that I confessed to being an environmentalist long ago. However, I do try to use the grey matter between my ears, which apparently is no longer required in “The Cause”.

      • In this war of words people are often misunderstood.

        And for the people whose entire lives are on the line, it’s sometimes hard for us to understand others’ motivations when they fail to understand the urgency of the situation… for example, people at the University of Waterloo.

      • The UW study was set up to go 5 years by which time the IWTs will be installed. Just another delaying tactic by stalling for time.

      • You’re probably right, Barbara. We expect politicians to lie and obfuscate. And we don’t necessarily expect laypeople to understand what’s going on physiologically for Victims of industrial noise emissions. But UW is an academic institution with a reputation and integrity to respect, and it seems to me that the way they’ve handled this situation is abhorrent. There are many ways that UW could have contributed to this issue over the last two years, but they have chosen not to. Some of us simply cannot comprehend that this should be regarded as reasonable or defensible. If one wants to say: “UW is doing the best they can,” then perhaps the institution isn’t deserving of the reputation it’s developed over the last 40 years. Or perhaps the person making that statement doesn’t understand the situation. This is the question I’d like to have answered, mostly for the sake of assessing credibility.

        Sorry to have taken this thread off course. I think the bumper stickers are hilarious.

      • Here’s the problem.

        Most members of the public want to be green. Most of us on this site want to be green.
        I believe that many of us that post on OWR agree with most truly green initiatives but virtually everyone here does not believe that IWTs are truly green.

        However, when the general public hears IWT opponents railing on against ALL things green, we lose our credibility, and most importantly, the public’s support.

        We need to make it clear that we support small energy products … nothing wrong with a small wind turbine in the yard or a few solar panels on the roof. Yes, we recycle as much as possible, insulate our homes, plant trees if we have space on the right property, etc, etc.

        However, we still haven’t got our message out there as well as we should have. It’s been difficult shaking that NIMBY tag given to us by the urban elites. We need to convince these people that we are greener than green.

        Thank you David Robinson for coming out and declaring your environmental orientation!

    • Many different kinds of bumper stickers can be designed if anyone dosen’t like the above sticker. This is a great idea as rural Ontarians do drive into urban areas to shop.Print an e-mail address on them for contact information.

  1. This fight has moved beyond the point of being polite. I’m sure many have come across this article written by Calvin Luther Martin. It has been very useful to me when deciding whether my behavior is too much or not enough. Here is an excerpt:

    How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught
    By: Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

    “Big Wind is obscene, profane, and vulgar.

    Chapter 1. Courtesy doesn’t work.

    Okay. What works, and the only thing that’s going to work, is ….

    Chapter 13. Civil disobedience. Use it imaginatively, floridly, boisterously, loudly, and as
    obnoxiously, extravagantly, creatively, and brilliantly as you possibly can. Start this weekend.

    Here is exactly what I mean by civil disobedience. Signs, placards, banners, handbills,
    marches, demonstrations, picketing, shutting down public meetings both large and small and both high falutin’ and low falutin’, shouting matches, getting arrested for refusing to shut up and sit down. As Rosa Parks did, when she sparked the Civil Rights movement: you need to refuse to give up your seat to the wind bastard on the bus. Do this with the wind sharks and your town officers, all the way up to state and federal government.

    Here is exactly what I don’t mean by civil disobedience: Breaking the law. Nor am I
    advocating violence. I detest violence. For me, violence is not only illegal, it’s abhorrent, it’s inelegant, and nothing can be stupider. It accomplishes nothing good. Ever. I say this as a former professor of history. I stand with Gandhi and M.L. King on this matter. My sympathies lie with Quakers, not jihadists.”

    Here is the link to read this article in it’s entirety:


  2. So what if it’s disrespectful to Herr McGuinty. When has he shown anything but disrespect to rural Ontario?
    First came sewage sludge trucked from Toronto to farmers willing to spread it on their fields that grow food for us and our animals.
    However I prefer the “my work here is done” illustration altered to read My work here continues instead.

  3. Wonder what would happen IF the Rural Residents who grow food for the rest of Ontario actually threatened a FOOD STRIKE?……………..can you imagine the howls of outrage when the masses are threatened with having their store shelves empty?……………..that’s called CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!
    When you have certain powers and don’t choose to use them then keep on keeping with the “status quo”……..we are at WAR with our very own elected Government……………….

    • One of the problems with having farmers withhold food from urban dwellers is that the large corporate farmers in our area are also the very ones who have IWTs to “supplement” their incomes.
      The family size farms are hostage to providing food; their acreages do not permit IWTs.

      If you could come up with a strategy for those farmers whose only income is from their food growing activity, this might be doable.

  4. I think it is a funny bumper sticker. I do not care if some thinks it is disrepectful to Dalton. Not many respect him anyway. He was voted in by `The Devil We Know`mentality because Tim Hudak ran a weak campaign. McGuinty has injured and wounded the people of rural Ontario. This Bumper Sticker just get`s people thinking . Now, having a Bumper Sticker that said McGuinty is an ASSH*** , that would be crude and disrespectful and lose us respect.

    I ordered some through Email Internet Transfer, Your mailing address can be posted right on the message box that goes with it.

    I am outside cleaning my bumper so it will stick on really well.

    PS. Did those pants that I wore to the Gallery at Queen`s Park on Thursday
    make my ass look big …I hope so, as we turned around and put our backsides to them.

    • Follow the links for this developing story to learn the identity of those supporting IWTs in Scotland. Some of the same groups that are promoting IWTs here.
      Maybe Mr.Trump will pull out of his Scotish investment. Same thing will happen here as more IWTs are installed. Loss of tourist business.Tourists won’t pay to look at IWTs. They want unspoiled views.

  5. I would also thank David for coming out of the closet(although I suspected…wink…wink..). Tell me what Green is? I refuse to use CFL mercury filled lighting, that requires a specialist in case of breakage….I rarely recycle..I burn it all…until there is a standard ,recycling is a joke. I burn wood wood for heat…curse me for I am bad….the new growth loves it
    . I pee in the wind, just for fun. What the heck is green? tell me how to be green….
    p.s. David, you are a sly one!

    • David has done much engineering work proving that IWTs don’t work but this dosen’t mean he can’t be a good environmentalist. It’s the people who only pretend to care about the environment that are causing the problems and can’t see or don’t care about the harm they are doing.

      • Sorry!…not to slight David, he does phenomenal work…I was being sarcastic.

      • Greg:

        As usual — no offense take. BTW — Paul Watson is an old and dear friend.

        Also — I said nothing about Dalton… I was thinking of that picture on my old F150… Now THAT is disrespectful! …and a bummer!

    • How do you like it when you go to a motel room with only one light source, a bedside lamp with a CFL bulb? How do you like trying to read your newspaper by half a candle light?
      CFL bulbs are as useless as IWTs. My first order of business after checking in is to demand that the proprietor install a real, good old fashioned White Man’s bulb.

      I have no CFL bulbs in my home and I have bought and hoarded enough incandescent light bulbs to last me three lifetimes. So go ahead and arrest me Green Police.

  6. When are the incandescent light bulbs to be extinct in this province?…UUMM? Well, when the Coal Power Generators are closed down UUMMM..perhaps! NEVER!!!!

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