Ontario PCs Promise to Scrap McGuinty Green Energy Plan

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QUEEN’S PARK – Monte McNaughton states, “More grim numbers from StatsCan on job losses in Ontario make an urgent case for a pro-growth plan to reduce the size and cost of government on one hand, and kick-start the private sector economy on the other”. The PC Economic Development Critic comments follow the release of employment numbers for February, which show that Ontario lost another 5,400 full-time jobs, while the rest of Canada added 14,500 full-time jobs. Read article

10 thoughts on “Ontario PCs Promise to Scrap McGuinty Green Energy Plan

  1. Vain promise? Wait 4 yrs? Voters need to bombard the NDP with protests about their support of the Liberal Party when it comes to Green Energy. Effect? Next to nothing, given that the CAW thinks Green is keen.

  2. PCs promise? their leader has to learn how to run an election first.
    They will have to promise to scrap 1000’s of turbines already in operation by then.
    Take Mcguinty to court now to have him removed , just like there are doing to Mayor Ford.

  3. PC’s may well want to scrap McGuinty’s green energy
    folly, however their position last election was to honor
    all FIT contracts (existing and granted) on the books.
    By the time an election rolls around, their gesture will
    be too little, too late.

    • Agreed. Outright repealing legislation is very rare. What may happen is the business case capacity gets taken away. Meaning, FIT support would likely be removed (going forward) and the price paid to IWT generated electricity (along with solar, etc) must be market rates. That along with the stipulation of not having to take the electricity if we don’t need it (same as spilling water and diverting nuclear generated steam). Restoration of municipal zoning authority would also likely be restored. That would still allow IWTs, but the compelling reason for a private group to build/establish them would be removed. Outright repeal of the GEA is unlikely.

      • You’re not giving us the Gears.

        That’s exactly what needs to and will likely be done. Bang on.

  4. PC’s and NDP alike have to KNOW that this Province is OURS, not THEIRS!…………..WE are the power and the money and without US they are nothing!
    Has everyone lost their sense of empowerment?…..like beaten dogs laying down waiting for another boot to the face…………………….

  5. Dalton McGuinty must step down and step down NOW! A non confidence vote in Ontario. The PC’s will think of a way to run these crooks out of town.. Let them pull out or go bankrupt. The longer it takes us to pay for all the damage McTurbine did the better. Him and leaders like him will never get voted in again. After all, It took 200 years for Ontario to end up with a McGuinty. Tell me that can never happen again for the next 200 years. We could have non McGuinty courses taught in schools just to make sure. We could pass a law… Never again, and tell the story of when the world went on a mad train ride and our Premier couldn’t jump on board fast enough. he is a follower not a leader.

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