Waterloo politicians pursue a wind turbine — despite low wind

By Jeff Outhit, The Record
WATERLOO — Waterloo council is spending almost $90,000 to consider generating electricity by wind, even though the wind hardly blows enough.  The proposed turbine would top a 20-metre pole beside the RIM Park recreation complex. A study that cost city hall $25,000 suggests it would be three times less efficient than the average Ontario wind turbine.  This is because wind is “relatively low” in Waterloo, the study found. It’s considered too low and uneven to support a commercial wind farm. 

“In the wintertime, we have a very high resource of wind,” project manager Prasad Samarakoon said. “In the summertime you don’t have much wind at all. To build a wind farm you need to have a continuous wind flow.”  Read article

9 thoughts on “Waterloo politicians pursue a wind turbine — despite low wind

  1. What’s going on down there in Waterloo????……..not a good bunch of news lately coming from that area….a couple of weeks ago they lock up and strip seraph a Father and take the kids away from the Mother because the 4 year old doodled a gun on a white board! NOW Waterloo wants to jam a huge Wind Turbine into it’s town where wind doesn’t exist. Maybe the Council is so full of hot air that they can generate some valuable FIT $$$ during their Council meetings.
    Waterloo………your becoming an embarrassment to Ontario Citizens!!!!!

  2. Little wind in Waterloo area – maybe we should keep that in mind when looking for a place to relocate to – sounds as if they wont be flooded with turbines like the rest of Southern Ontario.

  3. Hmm.. Doesn’t want to lose 2 mil in Profits. What kind of person wants to screw his fellow Ontarians. Not to mention, a Court in Barrie would not allow a wind turbine requested at a car dealership. The Court felt that the cars would be damaged by ice throw …so would the workers and customers coming and going. Since this precident has been set in Ontario why wouldn’t someone sue the Trough Mother Sucker and be done with it! Wake up Waterloo. I do not know how CAW got away with theirs but as soon as someone is killed by ice they will have to place a huge 550 metre fence around it and still have to always look up!

  4. Soon, I hope, the politicians will face the facts, like the study, instead of bowing to the false prophet Gore.

    • Al Gore is a member of the US presidential families. But he sure is a dim-wit compared to his vice-presidential and presidential cousins. He is there because of his political and MSM contacts.

  5. No doubt, this will be another ploy. If a turbine is built, it will be another piece of garbage comparable to the useless one in Toronto. It will not be a two million dollar, 1.65 megawatt industrial wind turbine. It will be a toy compared to the monstrosities “jammed” into the rural countryside of Ontario. Again, city folk will look at the model built in the city and not understand the concerns of rural folk living with the industrial wind turbines. Perhaps the university will incorporate this rinky dink contraption into their five year study! Enough of the games people. This is serious business.

  6. How did it happen????? Well rumour has it….

    A city councilor asked a consultant what he thought of the idea of a Wind turbine and would it work… like… “What did he think of the idea?”

    The consultant got no further than “It really blows…” and the Councillor signed without waiting for the rest of the assessment.

    The rest is infamous. history and all that…

  7. What a joke these clowns in Waterloo are…. obviously the reports about this being a highly intelligent city are both premature, overblown and well, flat wrong. Well, what can one expect of a city dominated by two universities and enough leftists to put a country like Cuba to shame. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools….” Ok, slightly out of context but it seems to fit…..

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