EBR Registry – Haldimand County 148.6 MW project

EBR Registry Number: 011-5914   Deadline:  April 11, 2012
This proposal is for a new Renewable Energy Approval (REA) by Grand Renewable Wind LP/Grand Renewable Wind GP Inc, proposed to be located in the County of Haldimand, Ontario. This is a Class 4 Wind Facility with a total generation capacity of 148.6 MW.

2 thoughts on “EBR Registry – Haldimand County 148.6 MW project

  1. I wonder if they feel that the money they negotiated to sell out – which is actually being paid through their own tax paying dollars – is worth what they are going to be living with? Well I believe he didn’t want to be under the train – sshhh – Can you hear that whistle blowing?

  2. Why do these carpetbaggers continue to keep appearing, when they know full well the rest of the world has caught on to this waste and are getting rid of IWT’s !! Oh, I forgot..Free money slurping at the taxpayer trough.. They’re playing a game here, to see if the taxpayer doesn’t catch on before they’ve been to the trough !!So far, they’ve been successful. Greed , greed , and more greed.. It makes me sick…

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