Ontario coal has been replaced by natural gas & nuclear, not wind

Last year (2011) the stats were…
56.7% Nuclear
22.2% Hydro
14.7% NG
2.7%  Coal
2.6%  Wind
0.8% Other
source: http://ieso.ca/imoweb/media/md_supply.asp

In 2004 the mix was…
51% Nuclear
22% Hydro
19% Coal
7% NG
1% Other
source: http://www.environment.uwaterloo.ca/ers/research/490s/documents/ABattiston490s.pdf

14 thoughts on “Ontario coal has been replaced by natural gas & nuclear, not wind

    • None, but as long as there is a MSM willing to put a lid on the truth about renewable energy this can be gotten away with.

  1. I have been pounding the table on this one…given the IESO states Ontario’s coal generation capacity is 2.7% of total generation capacity…AND we continue to be in a net export position…turning these stupid IWTs off…nobody will notice and our electricity costs would be lower! When we need electricity, buy it from Quebec (hydro electric generated of which they have more capacity than we do from all sources total) at market. And the air we breathe would be EXACTLY the same too!!

    Is this too simple?? Am I missing something??

    …end rant.

    • Yes, you are missing the point that this renewable energy fiasco is not about supplying electricity for Ontarians at a resonable cost but about putting over the “green” agenda here as dictated by developers,eco-nuts and the UN.

    • “Canada’s export opportunities are tremendous…”
      – CanWEA Windvision 2025 Report

      • CanWEA represents the renewable energy developers. It’s their job to fool the public.

  2. Mcguilty has acted like a criminal.
    A criminal because he’s let our air get worse.
    He has the knowledge to understand turbines won’t clean up our co2.
    He has knowingly let coal pollute the air.
    He has never once said – lets clean up coal we can –
    (this link’s webpage has been updated)
    McLiar should been in jail over this.
    A pathetic man a pathetic politician.

    • How could air quality due to coal be worse as its use for electricity production has dropped from 19% to 2.7% in Ontario since 2004?
      2.7/19 = ~ 1/6 if you do the math.

      • For what coal he has let Ontario burn since he has been Premier
        he is a criminal for not making it clean with knowledge he can.

        I’m not talking about math.
        He’s a liar, and needs be removed from office.

      • Yes, this should have been done but then the continued use of “dirty” coal could not be used as an excuse for the need to install IWTs. “Dirty” Coal has been very useful to the present government.

      • Exactly. Apparently, thousands of people die every year too. I have never read an obituary or any other article saying person ‘x’ died from complications associated from the emissions of coal fired electrical generation. If they can count them, then there must be names…or is it made up(??) 😉 At the same time, I have never read an article citing people’s lives have been saved by wind turbines. It would seem that tens of thousands of people were dying in 2004 and before…and McShifty has saved us all!!…but can’t name one person. What a monumental scam…

      • Ontario coal plants are some of the cleanest in North America. All of the units that are often used have Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scrubbing.

        Ontario electricity produced by coal in 2010, 12.6 TWh (1) (2)
        Which was 8.3% of total Ontario electricity production 2010.
        U.S. electricity produced by coal in 2010, 1847 TWh (3)
        146 times as much coal used in the U.S. for electricity production.

        Now you might think that pollution from coal might be a problem in the U.S.
        Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are a main source of air pollution and very representative of all types of air pollution. In the U.S. about 31% of NOx comes from all fossil fuels used for electricity production. The majority, 62%, comes from vehicle exhaust (4).
        Additionally, in the last 30 years there has been a 52% reduction in overall NOx levels (5).

        (1) TWh Tera Watt hour = 1,000,000,000,000 watts = 1,000,000,000 kilo watts
        (2) Total electricity output by fuel type (Ontario, 2010) http://www.ieso.ca/imoweb/media/md_newsitem.asp?newsID=5529
        (3) Total electricity output by fuel type (U.S., 2010)
        (4) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Air Emission Sources
        (5) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Air Trends

  3. There are jurisdictions where coal is almost clean, Japan for one (ofter the nuclear disaster, watch them go more to coal), USA for another. Are there no scrubbers in Ontario?

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