Couple knows where McGuinty and Mayor Hope can put their wind turbines

Chatham Daily News
Sir: It was good to see Sylvia and John Wiggins of Stayner suing a landowner over wind turbines. We intend on doing the same if they are successful. These greedy landowners, with multiple land parcels, sign up for turbines but never for any near their own residences. These people are not really neighbours or friends. Our property and residence will be devalued and our health and wellbeing may be plagued with endless ill effects. We were here first and should not have to be subject to this folly.

If the Wiggins’ lawsuit succeeds, it will open the floodgates to a huge number of lawsuits. These inefficient and not-needed turbines are an example of Toronto politicians running roughshod over rural Ontario. McGuinty has put us deeper in debt and has done more damage to rural Ontario than any other premier.

The excess energy generated from these turbines cannot be stored, so, get this, they pay millions of dollars to the States and Quebec to take it, and yet we, the Ontario consumers, are charged exorbitantly high rates.

Europe is currently stopping and or cutting back on all wind and solar projects as they have proven to be uneconomical, unreliable, inefficient and too expensive, not at all what they were originally supposed to do.

Randy Hope, the mayor of Chatham-Kent, is just as off base as McGuinty; he is gung ho for these turbines and does not care about the peoples’ concerns, health or otherwise. Chatham-Kent is awash with these landscape-degrading monstrosities.

For our future generations, these massive eyesores have permanently left our once-beautiful countryside damaged forever. Ultimately our children will suffer because of McGuinty’s mistakes.

McGuinty, if you like these turbines so much, why aren’t you placing them in Toronto, where the most power is being used, and in Ottawa where you live?

Ray & Louise Brown, Mitchell’s Bay

2 thoughts on “Couple knows where McGuinty and Mayor Hope can put their wind turbines

  1. I hope the Wiggins’ and their legal counsel have all their ducks in a row, because if one item is missing, wrong, or whatever in their defense,, well goodbye lawsuit..They are dealing with a very powerful elitist group of people, and it’ll take all their effort, and then some, to win this..I hope and pray and cross my fingers for them to totally succeed..

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