Natyshak: Some women can’t stand it when their husbands snore

Meeting in Essex with NDP MPP from Essex, Taras Natyshak, was as expected. Many spoke, both for and against.    Thanks to those who drove down from C-K just for the meeting.

Taras compared IWT sickness to a woman who can’t stand her hubby snoring.  He stated he would vote pro-wind every time.  He voted against Bill 10 and said he would have voted against the recent motion brought forth by Lisa Thompson if he had been in attendance.  He might as well be a Liberal. Through their complaisant agreement with the McGuinty Liberals, Taras Natyshak, the NDP, and the CAW support huge offshore multinationals getting obscene subsidies & riding roughshod over rural Ontario.  Shameful.

21 thoughts on “Natyshak: Some women can’t stand it when their husbands snore

    • Yup – disgusting!
      But, what is more disgusting, is –
      citizens voted for Taras Natyshak.
      What were they thinking?

  1. Two comments that Mr.Natyshak made were that he had checked with many local governments prior to the votes and all said they did not want local control returned and that the local governmnets felt that renewable energy projects should be delt with on the provincial level.
    Another point made was that Ontario has ~440 local municipalites and only 77 are opposed /have issues with renewable energy projects.

    • But the real issue is how many Ontario local municipalites won’t be affected but IWT projects anyway? IWTs are not planned for the whole province so this is misleading.

    • He was telling a much different story to the residents living beside a solar farm before the election. Typical politican lie to get elected and once you’re in power do forget about all the people that voted for you.

      • He spoke about that. Complete failure to see the rural POV.

        He said “when people move into residential areas, they want neighbours, not solar installations” (gets it)

        Then he continued….. “when people move into the country, I guess they don’t want ANYTHING near them” (doesn’t get it)

      • And to paraphrase Mr. Natyshak PCs were also absent from the March 8 vote including Mr. Hudak. So not complete support from PCs either.This is how this is being spun.

  2. Mr Natyshak, is a waste of skin, uninformed, and the money he spent getting an education was wasted… Seems the government is full of these no-minds..

  3. So how many of the municipalities of the 440 actually have renewable energy projects within their jurisdiction. And … how many of those have problems??? That would be a more reasonable assertion and comparison. Simple: No projects planned in a municipality, then of course they will have no problems with that. Trust all left whingnuts to distort the facts. On the whole of it, the economic picture tells it all and we all know the NDP love spending other peoples money until one day there is no more to spend.

  4. IT doesn’t matter whether a local council wants responsibility – it their obligation and duty to accept it and exercise it. This typical liberal politician knows they are ducking under a rock to avoid local voters and he’s happy with it, because he understands the trick….

  5. Hubby is snoring.
    Remedy – leave the room.

    IWT sickness.
    Remedy – leave your property.

    Natyshak’s stupidity.
    No cure.

  6. The Ndippers are generaly dumber than liberals , wonder how they would react if they had a trubine colse to their home

  7. The wind project manager that routinely lied to us said that we were the only people complaining and used the exact same crap with us. He says, my wife doesn’t like my snoring, he says we live by a firehouse that wakes us up sometimes, he says you can feel infrasound when your driving a car……this was 4 years ago and these miserable SOB’s continue with the same godam bills**t.
    I could shut of a fan in my house, I could shut the door on a snoring husband, I could shut off whatever the hell I wanted to but I could not shut off the whup whup whup that invaded the house in the middle of the night and day and the vibration that drove us mad. And the MOE wouldn’t shut if off either.
    So go to he** Natyshak.

  8. I was looking at the Hansard from March 8, 2012 and noticed that the Liberal MPPs who spoke against Thompson’s bill (Bentley, Delaney) made (false) statements that IWTs were “safe” and “benign” and totally denied the plausibility that wind turbine emissions could contribute to adverse health effects.

    The NDP, on the other hand, (like Tabuns on Mar 8, and now it sounds like Natyshak as well), are honest in admitting that there is scientific consensus that wind turbines can cause stress, annoyance, and sleep disturbance… and then they posit that this is acceptable collateral damage for the sake of wind turbines. They have no right to be making this assertion; when these setbacks were ‘approved’ by the Ontario legislature it was under the premise that wind turbines were completely safe. What kind of bizarre society is this when a party with as much ‘credibility’ as the NDP can say “we’re okay with a policy that can destroy some people’s homes, and health, and violate significant human rights [because we don’t understand that wind turbines are useless anyway.]” It’s not clear whether the NDP understand that this is what they’re saying… but these are the words that are coming out of their mouths:

    MPP Peter Tabuns in the legislature, March 8, 2012: “Third party health and environmental studies have already been conducted. The jury is in… Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health has reviewed the studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. She concluded there is no direct link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects, but recognized that sound could annoy some people… A September 2009 report by Dr. Ray Copes, director of environmental and occupational health at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, concluded that “there is no scientific evidence to date to demonstrate a causal association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects,” although it “sometimes may be annoying to some people, which may result in stress and sleep disturbance.”… This motion has come forward, asking for a moratorium because we need health studies, and I say to you, Speaker, the health studies are done. The jury is in.
    Other sources of power have greater health and environmental impacts…The province is requiring significant setbacks for wind turbines, including a minimum of 550 metres to ensure noise levels do not exceed 40 decibels at the receptor. These are the largest setbacks in Canada, the United States and eight European countries. Proponents are required to monitor and address any perceptible infrasound as a condition of the renewable energy approval.”

    Is this some kind of bizarro-world, or are the NDPs actually taking the position that democracy and respect for minority rights shouldn’t be a part of our government’s regulatory schemes???

  9. The sad part of this whole discussion on bullies and idiots from Queen’s Park is that it is OUR $$$$ that’s in their pants pockets as they rub their fingers over the loonies and toonies while their hands are in their pockets standing in the hall telling you all massive LIES!
    These NDP goons should realize who is paying their bills!…………….US!

  10. Because Tim Hudak lives in my area and he campaigned on restoring local powers back to the municipalities and calling for a moratorium on wind turbine development , out of curiosity I called his constituency office today and asked why he was not present to cast a vote for Lisa Thompson’s Bill ? I was told that he had been in the Huron Bruce area on a pre scheduled engagement . These bookings are made sometimes weeks in advance . Even if he and the other PC’s who were absent had cast a vote it would not have been enough to override the 45 that was the final count. I was also informed that had the Bill passed it would have had to pass a 2nd an 3rd reading and that the Liberal’s would have defeated it then .
    Is this just a pointless exercise in futility ?

    • The March 8 vote was known weeks in advance so calendars should have been cleared.Now the pro-wind advocates can say that PCs were absent from the vote which to them indicates lack of support.

    • Huron-Bruce, eh? Isn’t that Lisa Thompson’s riding? That’s ironic. Does anyone know where in Huron-Bruce Hudak was that day?

  11. Oh and for the record…
    my husband snores profusely yet i can still hear the Wind turbine over top of him!
    Sometimes he moves to the other room and i hear only the turbine and misss hearing the snores!

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