Ontario ‘in way too deep’

By Elliot Ferguson The Whig-Standard
Those involved in the debate over solar and wind power projects in the Kingston area are taking a wait-and-see attitude to changes reported to be coming for the province’s feed-in-tariff strategy. Media reports in Toronto said changes to the Green Energy Act will be announced next week, and are expected to include lowering the premiums to attract investment and giving municipalities more say in where new solar and wind projects are placed. Read article

4 thoughts on “Ontario ‘in way too deep’

  1. The Kingston area of course has historically been a highly regarded summer vacation destination. I wonder how long it will be before the clueless ones at Tourism Kingston figure it out that no one wants to take their vacation in the middle of whoosh whoosh whoosh backdrop? For the record, I now check in advance before booking and travelling anywhere if there is a possibility that I’ll be subjected to IWT sound while I’m there.

  2. Mr. Mabee needs to read the series of articles published by Der Spiegel if he wants to know where Germany stands today with its renewabe energy schemes.

  3. Why are those that are involved with the debate over solar and wind projects in the Kingston area taking a “wait and see” approach to the governments carrot-dangling ?? Do they honestly something good is going to come out of this dictatorship? The longer you wait with this government, the worse off it’s going to be.. Get on with it.. You can’t wait..They never listened to you, so why listen to them?? Get your head out of your A$$ and take the fight to them.. I just don’t get people that think that way..Just sayin’…

  4. The powers that be may be waiting but those interested enough to do some internet research will be on the Protest bus April 3.
    Anybody in the City want on the bus contact mfraymond@sympatico.ca I don’t expect a rush. City people are just not informed and that is another mystery.

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