Ontario’s green dream was just a fantasy

by Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
The other evening I got a robo-call. It was an automated poll. The recorded voice told me to press “1” if I approved of wind turbines, and “2” if I disapproved. I pressed “2” – hard. So have a lot of other people in Ontario.  Across the countryside outside Toronto, wind turbines are spreading like a plague. They are being built over the strenuous objections of folks who live in rural towns, whose rights have been stomped on by the province. They’re chewing up birds. Worst of all, they’re chewing up billions of taxpayer dollars in the name of a green dream that’s nothing but a fantasy.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Ontario’s green dream was just a fantasy

  1. To quote Miss Wente – “Everything McGuinty believed about
    alternative energy turned out to be spectacularly wrong.”
    That says it all.

  2. The Mop and Pail has deteriorated as a worthwhile news source for so many years…. it’s good to know that they have one columnist who actually gets it.

  3. So why can’t McGuinty simply quietly back off from his renewable fantasies, which pretty well everyone, even the TorStar Ed board, now realizes are impossible. After all, no one in Ont expects him to keep promises or committments, he faces no political censure at QP because the PCs are onside with a moratorium, he doesn’t have to get elected again as he is unlikely to run. The only group stronly believeing in wind power is the companies themselves, many with strong Liberal connections. That McGuinty chooses to stand by them, rather than the citizens of Ont. says everything about the man’s ethics.

    • McGuinty will defend this scam to his deathbed,
      he has no choice.


      • Hey madasabat,
        sounds like…………..
        No corrupt politician left behind.

  4. The damage has been done as we have said all along for years……………to finally admit it in Mainstream News is a very shallow victory!
    After all is said and done this period in Ontario is absolutely “unforgiveable” no matter how many “I’m sorry” posts are made!!!!!…….nothing short of jail terms for this Gang Green is good enough!!!!

    • The reason some of the MSM has backed off is because of all the investigative work that has been done by ordinary citizens to uncover what a scam renewable energy really is. They have been forced to back down.

  5. OR could it be that the MSM is seeing the McGuinty reign of terror coming to an abrupt end after the March 27th Budget? Are they hedging their bets so that the new Party coming into power may give them “ad revenue”……………….I can’t see the MSM abandoning McGuinty’s media “handouts” without some consensus behind the scenes that this failed Government’s “due date” is past!
    We can only hope eh?

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