Where does Essex MPP Stand on Industrial Solar Farms and Wind Turbines?

Taras Natyshak

QUEEN’S PARK – Since the passage of the 2009 Green Energy Act, countless communities have been ignored as their landscapes have been threatened by the McGuinty government’s push to install industrial wind and solar farms, with no regard to local expertise or the concerns of residents. Today, municipalities have a say on the location of a new Tim Hortons or 7-Eleven, but not on an industrial wind or solar farm.  Last September Essex MPP, Taras Natyshak, campaigned on a promise to make changes to the Green Energy Act and return planning control to local municipalities, giving local residents a say regarding where industrial wind and solar farms are built.

Natyshak said he “identified something that is just wrong and unfair” when 44 industrial solar panels were installed in a quiet Belle River neighbourhood without “any consultation with the municipality or local stakeholders.” (Today’s Windsor – http://youtu.be/YmTp0SPbOI4)

However, on December 1st, 2011 the Essex MPP voted with the McGuinty Liberals and blocked Bill 10 – The Local Democracy Act, 2011 at Queen’s Park. If passed, Bill 10 would have restored local democracy by returning local decision making powers to municipalities.  However, with Natyshak’s support the Liberals successfully defeated the bill.

Subsequently, on March 8th 2011, MPP Natyshak was surprisingly absent from the Legislative Assembly when the Liberal government and the NDP teamed up to defeat a private member’s motion calling for a moratorium on further wind development until third party social, physical and economic health and environmental studies have been completed.

“I’ve been to Essex many times,” said Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey, “like Sarnia-Lambton many families are frustrated with industrial wind turbines and solar farms being built too close to their homes, such as the case in Belle River. I believe that local families know what is best for their communities and should have a say where turbines and solar farms are built. The MPP from Essex said that too during the last election, my question is where does he stand now and why won’t he stand up for Essex families?”

Bob Bailey, MPP for Sarnia-Lambton

6 thoughts on “Where does Essex MPP Stand on Industrial Solar Farms and Wind Turbines?

  1. “why won’t he stand up for Essex families?”

    Because like most of our elected officials, he values his career over the voters and doesn’t want to cross Gang Green.

  2. As I said before, this forum could be interesting.

    Is Taras Natyshak going to :
    1. Push the current NDP agenda that says IWTs are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    2. Stay neutral and actually listen to what the people have to say.
    3. Surprise us by saying he has seen the light and now doesn’t support IWTs, regardless of his party’s current stand.

    What oh what will the spin be? The suspense is killing me. If I was a betting sceptic, the answer would be number 1. Taras, prove me wrong.

  3. If one ever gets an answer from MPP Taras Natyshak about exactly where he stands on the issue, maybe one could ask Tim Hudak the same question. It’s kind of hard to understand why Hudak wasn’t there to vote in support of Lisa Thompson’s bill on March 8. I can’t help but notice that whenever mention is made of harm from existing wind projects in Ontario that Hudak is nowhere to be found. Is that just a coincidence?

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