Prince Township passes another resolution regarding Green Energy Act

Sault Star
At the request of Coun. Amy Zuccato, council passed a resolution asking the Ontario legislature to strike a select committee on energy to study the accountability concerns with the government’s renewable energy policy as cited in the auditor general’s 2011 report. The concerns named in the resolution included focused on instances where taxpayers’ dollars were wasted and where the job creation potential of the renewable energy industry was overblown. Additionally, the resolution called on the government to return decision-making powers on renewable energy projects to the municipalities, which lost their voices in such matters under the Green Energy Act and the Green Economy Act.

2 thoughts on “Prince Township passes another resolution regarding Green Energy Act

  1. Fuel Poverty, Debt Poverty, Property Poverty, total Economic Poverty!……you’ve done good McGuinty!…….hope he and his disgusting Gang Green are proud of what they’ve done!

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