Report from Essex Meeting

by Colette McLean
My MPP Taras Natyshak and local councillor Randy Voakes staged a meeting last night on Wind Energy. It was a room of approx. 60 people split 50/50 with people against & people for wind/renewable energy. Mr. Natyshak asked that all presenter provide backup facts and referenced material for their statements and reaffirmed his position to support green energy and green jobs. He is, along with Councillor Voakes are strong supporters of the CAW and many of the CAW staff & members were there in attendance.

Mark Bartlett is one of note, who heads off the CAW environmental committee. He started by holding forth the CAW’s work promoting causes for people not just in NA, but the world and has been working since 1986 on stimulating green jobs. His further discussion was mostly about the idea that coal and gas are finite resources therefore we must explore alternatives and coal is after all causing 2000 deaths/yr. There was some more discussion about the Fukishima Nuclear disaster and the cost of keeping secure, nuclear waste for thousands of years. He concluded that he did not want to deny the problems people are having, however believed that this is largely based on fear of the unknown subsequently, how imperative it was to move forward progressively with courage, with renewables, seeing that this is the future.

One resident came forward from Essex (a new victim), with her daughter who noted that the small 5 turbine project south of Essex has been disturbing them when the winds are out of the north. This was offset immediately by councillor Voakes who also lives within a mile of these turbines, signifying that he hears nothing.

There were several young people involved in the wind or solar industry indicating that people could do with getting their facts straight by talking to the industry people and what great opportunities there were with potential markets for solar panels in Africa which has no infrastructure for electricity. As a wind technician, one young man indicated after two years of working inside the turbine he has never suffered the symptoms claimed by residents within these projects.  Surely this was proof enough that there are no problems with turbines causing harm to people. He further suggested that their mental state was the underlying motivation for their symptoms. When asked if he slept there, he responded chuckling saying that maybe he did sometimes.

Fortunately Lisa and Michel Michaud recounted their experience of living with turbines, the painful ear pressure, the sleepless nights, the elevated chloresterol that never existed before and their son Josh who was too sick to attend tonight. Especially revealing were the remarks from Suncor when the Michauds asked what can they do to resolve their issues and how do they get out of their situation, considering there are turbines being erected all over rural Ontario. Suncor answered by indicating “special” people will buy your house & property therefore not to worry.

Monica Elmes, brought forth the list of 17 peered reviewed articles from Dr. McMurtry, Carmen Krogh, Dr. Arlene Bronzaft, Dr. Nissenbaum which she handed to Mr. Natyshak and indicated that now he has in hand the necessary information to help people who may be approaching him with their health problems. She also recounted that during the meeting with the Rick Nicholls in Chatham/Kent, there were residents from the Essex riding, who came forth because they felt their concerns were falling on deaf ears.

Brenda Dunn, related the concerns of Dr. Scott Petrie on waterfowl and how Ontario are completely ignoring the recommendations from Denmark which suggest that no turbines should be within 1000 metres of shorelines and not placed within known migratory routes. Ontario is doing the exact opposite, to the extent to allow turbines 120 m from significant wetlands. She further talked about the GA and how in Northern Ontario it has added $1M of surcharges to a thriving business that is now considering leaving. She touched on the issues of property values, the health effects in other countries, the AG report revealing the lack of due diligence on the Samsung deal. She indicated that even she can hear the turbines in her house on certain days despite being 2 km away with a bush in front of her home.

Tamara Stomp, Deputy Mayor of Kingsville came forth indicating that we have been defrauded by the green energy initiatives despite how CAW may feel that this is an avenue for new jobs. She sympathized with all that has happened to the CAW workers and the severe loss of jobs in the Windsor area. She emphasized that wind energy would not exist if we did not subsidize the way we do and because of this, offshore corporations are the ones benefitting. Ontario is presently in contrast is suffering the loss of companies leaving due to exorbitant energy costs.

Other info. included concerns over stray voltage, the thoroughness of the environmental review process, the long term health effects that is not being examined, the lack of research on mortality rates for birds, and Taras’ lack of support for bills that would return control to municipalities when he vowed during the election that he would push for this, if elected.

Taras did announce at the beginning that a Q&A would be allowed, yet this was not to happen. I approached him at the end asking why did he not ask those, who were for wind energy, for their referenced info. as required by him. His answer only reiterated that he did ask for backup information from everyone, yet when I supplied him with two summary documents I had compiled with references and searchable citations throughout, he had the nerve to ask me if what I was providing was “fact”. I was close to a breakdown at that point and only uttered a strained yes and a half-hearted invitation to call me if he didn’t understand the information provided.

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  1. Thank You Colette for the first hand report. Like the promoters and their open houses Taras Natyshak wasn’t really interested in hearing about the problems. His mind is made up. We can show him every peer reviewed study out there and I doubt he would change his mind. It’s mostly the ugly politics and dirty money of it all, but partly the green washing that some people have had so they can’t see reality anymore. I suspect that even if people started dropping dead from their symptoms some on the pro wind side will never admit the problems.

    At some point most of us have felt like we were close to a breakdown when dealing with these people. I can’t believe how much mental energy I spend dealing with the injustice of all of this.
    All I can say is soldier on, and don’t give up. Justice will prevail eventually.


  2. What a shameless, self-promoting industry. What on earth was the purpose of this meeting if they just wanted to pat themselves on the back and not hear a view contradictory to their own. There is obviously no room for compassion when greed is involved.

    • Mr. Natyshak is on record now and as more and more IWTs are installed in his riding the IWT problems will multiply.

      • Mr. Bartlett should look up information on the structure of the earth’s crust and where the major fault lines are in relation to earthquakes.
        Mr. Voakes needs to get a copy of a high school physics textbook and read the section/chapter on sound.

      • Oh, I know what you mean….anything to make a good alarmist story. Floods, earthquakes, aaarrghhh! …..but pinwheels everywhere will help!

      • The Fermi nuclear plant is built to withstand in the range of 7.0-8.0 earthquake. The reactor is up high off the ground so that water from Lake Erie can’t slosh into the reactor.
        The greatest danger to the Fermi plant is that an aircraft might strike the reactor part of the plant. IWTs can interfer with radar and hide any incoming aircraft.

  3. Excellent article, Colette–well done! I seriously entertained thoughts of driving from Sarnia area to Essex last night for that meeting. Severe weather, and being both tired and short of time, stopped me from attending. I’m very pleased to see some feedback from the evening, and so well done. I paid particular attention to your lines,

    “Especially revealing were the remarks from Suncor when the Michauds asked what can they do to resolve their issues and how do they get out of their situation, considering there are turbines being erected all over rural Ontario. Suncor answered by indicating “special” people will buy your house & property therefore not to worry.”

    There is maybe 5% truth in this, and 95% out-and-out lie. There may be special people who will buy, but they are in limited numbers. When the pool of prospects dries up, sorry, you’re SOL. So yes, with 1000’s of turbines proposed or approved for Ontario, Suncor is just so encouraging, aren’t they!

    To David Simpson, and Renee, you sum it up so well. And, no, I am not related to Mark Bartlet of the CAW.
    ——-Dave Bartlett——

  4. Maybe putting the NDP “on notice” that the Anti-Wind Lobby has the power to literally destroy political careers inside Rural Ontario IF they don’t listen to the electorate and STOP this Wind Madness NOW! It happened to McGuinty’s Green Bandits and it could happen to the small number of NDP hacks who align themselves with the Green Scammers!
    It seems the only way these close minded goons who keep reiterating their crazy Green Mantra and Union loving alliances will listen is to have their actual “jobs” threatened and make their political careers obsolete! Desperate times calls for desperate measures! People are fighting for their very lives here!

  5. Thank you Colette for this Report. It is important to make sure the Record is clear for when Ontarians finally get our ‘day in court’.

    If anyone recorded the night, direct quotes from these people, (particularly about health effects and “mental state”) would be appreciated… it would make our follow-up correspondence much easier, particularly if they’ve been “misrepresenting”.

  6. What was especially sad was his justifications about voting against the Todd Smith bill and the Lisa Thompson Bill. He saw these as bills that would shut down the provinces ability to produce power. What power??? It’s not like the province would go into a black out. He saw the exclusivity of these bill on wind unfair when residents have no say on coal, & gas plants. Doesn’t seem to remember (despite my efforts to remind him) that the people had the power to shut down the Oakville and Mississauga plants just before election. Also had to blame that 7 conservatives were not there to vote either and that he consulted with every mayor in his riding, who informed him they didn’t want the power back. Would you, knowing full well that you made a big mistake and now it will be incumbent on you to take responsibility over that mistake. What a bloody mess!! So many young people there, a new Environmental engineer, a young guy selling solar panels and a wind techinician… completely brainwashed talking about Nuclear, dirty nasty life killing coal, without even realizing that wind will do nothing towards replacing any kind of generation. The disconnect is unreal!! and very frustrating because there is no convincing them differently.

  7. Other points from Taras to follow up on the above request. Only 77 municipalities want some kind of motion on wind turbines out of 440 municipalities. Consulted every mayor in his riding, all of which said they didn’t want the responsibility back (which by the way is not the same as having the control over renewable energy siting). He had issues with the GEA, because he wants to see public ownership and not wholesale deregulation. Wind is in private multinational hands right now, I endorse community based projects. I will support all projects if the “intent” is for the public good. I have written a letter for the residents of Lasalle over their single 500 kW turbine to try and help them. He knows of the health concerns and admitted that turbines do make noise just like I make noise when I snore which disrupts my poor wife.

      • Most veterinarians don’t work for the government so they are free to speak out and are very well educated in medicine.

  8. One thing seems to be a puzzle here……………..why are these MPP’s hosting meetings on Wind?…….are they the “foot soldiers” for their respective parties to see what the mood in Ontario is right now , in case there is a non confidence motion introduced on March 28th?………….maybe I’m wrong here but wouldn’t that be a reasonable strategy for these parties as we all know how “out of touch they are with real issues in the huskings!
    If that’s the case then this could be an opportunity to jump on them with full force and demand some representation for a change!!!
    I’m doing what I can to bring this issue up!

    • You hit the nail on the head. Neither of the hosts give a flying fig about the concerns of wind opponents. They want to get another project in Essex (Blue Sky – IPC) approved. Not sure exactly what their strategy is but it’s pretty clear they were up to something.

      • No doubt part of the plan to build consensus for more and more IWTs in Essex Co.

  9. Yup!
    McGuinty – The flop ‘cologne’
    Playful and flirty – Oh la la
    Dalton McGuinty cologne – Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d add notes of napalm, chainsaw oil, red ink, White-Out, coal, pit bull and a constant whiff of scandal.
    Riding Bieber’s coattails, I’d call Eau de Dalton’s style “baleful, rash and fishy” and promise to sell it HST-free to the first 100 buyers.

    Silly? An exercise in nostril-gazing? Of course.

    For starters, it’s a stretch to call Dalton McGuinty a celebrity, or at least one everybody wants to smell like.
    And you’d have to sell an Atlantic Ocean-full of Eau de Dalton to pay off his/our debt.
    But at least it might mask the stench for a while.

    believe it – or not – ha! ha! ha!

    next: Dwight Duncan – last ditch effort – the ‘flirty’ cologne!
    Be sure to talk to you doctor!

  10. How appalling. The MPP and the Councillor were given facts and many peer reviewed articles (only those opposed to wind provided these, so there were no facts to promote wind at the meeting) so that they could read them and make an educated decision. But instead, as soon as presentations concluded, they thanked everyone and then promptly said they would continue to support wind. So they have the facts, and have had them for many years. Landowners are already being named in lawsuits, now it is time to include councillors and MPPs!!!

  11. McGuinty gave the CAW one wind turbine and by doing so sucked in Natyshak and the rest of the NDP to give their blind support wind turbines. A very transparent and cheap political maneuver, but it worked.

  12. One of the comments and attitudes that i found particularly disturbing at this meeting came from the officials running it…
    They stated that the Ontario Mayors didn’t want the responsibility of being able to make the decisions about having IWT’s in their towns….
    They explained that they shouldn’t be on the hook for such a huge decision…
    I totally disagree with that attitude!!!
    I attempted to explain to them that they were elected and therefore hired to be the middle-men between the Constituents and the Government…
    I believe that it is their responsibility to bring the peoples concerns forward to the higher-ups…
    They did not agree with me!!!
    So tell me “what is their roll if not to listen to and and bring forward the voice of the people”? What are they getting paid for?
    The other thing that really really really bothered me was how they went on the defensive against one of these constituents who was trying to educate them on the facts of IWT’s.
    I believe that people who have made these elected rolls their life’s work should always respond to someone in a respectful and calm manner, putting aside any prejudices that they may feel towards the other person.
    They should have some kind of training that keeps them from making matters worse and they should be able to make the person feel like their concerns are a valid part of their role as leader.
    They should never lose their temper even if someone’s emotional state flares towards them.
    They should always respond with dignity and respect making the other person feel comfortable.
    I found it in very poor taste and extremely disrespectful the way they treated this person once they were aware of her identity!
    “The customer is always right” and in this case “the constituent” should have been listened to and treated with the utmost respect, and she was not!
    The official and his associate were petty and verbally assaultive… they should not hold public employment if they are unable to understand the passions that might flare in an argument such as this!
    Shame on you! You know who you are…Mr. Essex M.P.P. and associate!
    Oh and for the record… my husband snores profusely yet i can still hear the Wind turbine over top of him!
    I am not imagining it … it is not all in my head… here are my more of my thoughts from Thursday night’s experience…(Home from Essex meeting… Kept my cool… Couple close calls… Don’t know if and minds were changed…
    I’m sure one young turbine employee will think twice before he tells a victim to “get there facts straight before they speak…”
    I Looked him in the eye and shook his hand and hopefully knocked some of the cockiness out!
    I asked him if he had a a family or children (even though he looked a bit young) but i asked anyway… and i offered my prayers that when he did that they not suffer as mine are from the affects of IWT’s… and i told him in layman’s terms “that if you put four kids in a car or on a roller coaster that one of them would throw up” and that that one kid would be affected like us!
    All he could do was smugly stare at me until one of his buddies pulled him from our conversation!)
    (The drive home from Essex was excruciating! Sudden Severe head and ear pain and pressure from the moment I hit highway 8… Had to stop at the Comber Timmy’s for a moment as I felt like vomiting & passing out… So weird it mostly subsided somewhere between Chatham & Ridgetown, but kicked me the moment I entered my house!
    Michel had milder symptoms that kicked him also when he got home…
    Once you are sensitized to Wind Turbine Syndrome, it never leaves you… i feel it every time i am near them… and if we get as many in Chatham-Kent as there are in Essex I believe it will be the death of me!)
    (I also believe: that If the McGuinty government has its way, and installs their planned 9000 IWT’s (from their own reported information) and 5-30 % of the population living near Industrial Wind Turbines, will suffer adverse affects!
    This means thousands of Ontario victims will have no where to live where there will be no turbines and will soon become REFUGEES of the Green Energy Act War!)

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