Ninety Environmental Groups Seeking Tougher Rules on Wind Projects

Amidst all the hoopla about “clean energy” the wind industry is being allowed to continue its illegal slaughter of some of America’s most precious wildlife. Even more perverse: taxpayers are subsidizing that slaughter.
by Robert Bryce, Huffington Post
There is increasing resistance from environmental groups who are concerned about the effect that unrestrained construction of wind turbines is having on birds and bats. Ninety environmental groups, led by the American Bird Conservancy, have signed onto the “bird-smart wind petition” which has been submitted to the Fish and Wildlife Service.   Read article

13 thoughts on “Ninety Environmental Groups Seeking Tougher Rules on Wind Projects

  1. Groups that got us into this IWT fiasco in the first place are now trying to get out of being blamed for this folly. Got to keep the money rolling in.

  2. What is more telling here is who is “absent” from this list!….Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club, WWF Friends of the Earth among others!
    These are supposed to be the main Environmental groups who are supposed to “love” wildlife and trying to protect the endangered species in the world!
    Kinda tells you where they are coming from eh?

  3. The government and the wind people don’t give a damn about anything except their own pockets. We must protect our wildlife , the liberals and their criminal wind companies must some how be stopped.Killing wildlife to further their agenda is criminal, These people have no morals at all,Totaly disgusting, Wonder how to make this a country wide issue. The news media are all liberal baised

  4. All wind companies refer to the bird kill as less than highrise buildings (what did happen to that lawsuit?) and cats.
    Well, when did an eagle hit a skyhighrise and when did a cat kill one,that would be the talk of the town eh!

    Wind Companies ADD ADD ADD ADD ADD to bird kill,there are a lot of Dorks who don’t get this.
    When did anyone have to get a permit to KILL KILL KILL KILL and do HARM and disrupt habitat that is envioronmentaly sensitive to all creature great and small………I will tell you.

    NEVER and if they did they were SOOOOOOOOOO HIT with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$fines they made sure it didn’t happen if possible ever again…..
    Tougher rules? dang sure they should reanact the ones they changed to allow this to happen

    • Further more,I think TWITER whould be an apt way of reporting day by day bird and bat kill through out North America and beyond by all anti wind websites.
      Follow the sad feathers……………….

      • Like Dr. Petrie said, if we don’t build office towers and apartment buildings in coastal wetlands, why are we allowing Industrial wind turbines to be built there?

  5. A “permit to kill and harm and destroy habitat” should not even be considered.

    What the hell have we come to?

    The government’s double standards, literally does not fly; and we allow this to continue.

    This is a bloody disgrace. Sickening.

  6. This could be your wind turbine project too…

    SAO PAULO/RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – A Brazilian court on Saturday barred 17 executives from Chevron and Transocean from leaving Brazil, pending criminal charges related to a high-profile oil spill last November.

    A federal judge in Rio de Janeiro state granted a request from prosecutors who are pressing for charges against both firms, a spokesman for prosecutor Eduardo Oliveira said in a phone interview. George Buck, who heads Chevron’s Brazil unit, and the other 16 executives must turn in their passports to the police within 24 hours, the spokesman said.

    Charges are expected to be filed on Tuesday or Wednesday, according to the prosecutors’ press office.

    If it works for Oil — why not wind and bird strikes — eh?

  7. It’s kind of buried in the article and link, but apparently, a letter dated January 26, 2012 and signed by Michael Brune (Executive Director, (US?) Sierra Club) was sent to US Interior Secretary Salazar “making it clear that ultimately the protective guidelines must be mandatory and that the resources and authority given to Fish & Wildlife Service must be enhanced so that they have the tools to do this important job”, i.e., “address the serious impacts of wind energy on birds and bats”. (The Sierra Club’s letter is on page 10 of newsletter at

    • The Sierra Club has several different divisions. The letter mentioned above came from the US main office. Which has nothing to do with Sierra Club Canada. Sierra Club Canada does whatever the Ont Liberal party tells it to do. The U.S. official statement is something like ‘yes turbines are great blah,blah,blah just do even think about putting them near any of our stuff’.

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