Nextera threatening legal action against uncooperative Haldimand residents

Comment on 59-unit installation hereDeadline April 11, 2011

Some landowners are refusing NextEra an easement for transmission lines and may ultimately be forced to co-operate through provincial orders. “We take legal action if we have to,” [Nextera] said.
By Monte Sonnenberg, Dunnville Chronicle
HALDIMAND COUNTY – An appeal is planned now that the Summerhaven wind turbine project near Jarvis has received provincial approval. Approval for the 59-unit installation was announced Friday. The next step in the process is a 15-day appeal period. Monday, a representative of Haldimand Wind Concerns said her group is consulting with a lawyer.  Read article

28 thoughts on “Nextera threatening legal action against uncooperative Haldimand residents

  1. Wow so there you have it….. NextEra is threatning legal action and expropriation if landowners don’t give them easments for their transmission lines. Bullying landowners will make Nextera’s wind energy projects a much harder sell with the surrounding communities ? Stories like this will spread like wildfire in the countryside. Bad move NextEra.

  2. I know this is a site about IWT but this is disgusting also—-“With Summerhaven entering an appeal period, attention is turning to Samsung’s proposal in east Haldimand. It calls for the construction of 67 industrial wind turbines and the installation of 425,000 solar panels. The solar end of the project will occupy 800 acres of land.”

    • IWTs and solar both require gas backup and this ties these together. Both bank- rolled by big gas interests.
      Some are both oil & gas.


    That is the word that NextEra plans to enforce. Wake up PC’s. Wake up Ontario.

  4. Ontario’s farms nationwide have declined slightly during the past two decades. In 1981, Ontario accounted for 26% of the national total. By 2001, it had declined to 24%.[16]
    Although the number of farms in Ontario is decreasing,[16] the size of farms is increasing.[17] The average Ontario farm size was 226 acres (0.91 km2) in 2001, up 9.7% from 1996. Since 1981, the average farm size has increased by 24.9% from 181 acres (0.73 km2).[17]
    Ontario’s total farm area has declined 2.7% since 1996 to 13,507,357 acres (54,662.33 km2) in 2001. However, cropland increased 3.2% to just over 9 million acres (36,000 km²), the highest level since 1941. Eastern Ontario led the increase with a gain of 9.2% in cropland.[17]

    From the Wikipedia website

  5. A “Foreign” interest threatening to sue Canadians if they don’t give up THEIR RIGHT TO LIBERTY is called WAR!
    And the CANADIAN politician’s who are allowing it to happen are called TREASONOUS!
    Act now……………the last time someone tried this it was called World War 11!

  6. 2011 Nigeria – 2012 Haldimand County
    Communities protest over confiscated farmlands
    Credit: Lawal Ibrahim, Katsina, Daily Trust, 2 May 2011 ~~
    Communities in Rimi Local Government Areas of Katsina State, have protested the confiscation of their farmlands for the independent wind power project in the state.
    Members of the communities, who visited Daily Trust office in Katsina, yesterday lamented over what they described as the confiscation of their farmlands for the project without prior notice. They also lamented that there were no plans by the government to compensate them. Spokesman of the group, Jamilu Ibrahim, lamented that their farmlands were their only source of livelihood. He said they attempted to stage a peaceful demonstration over the matter some time ago, but were stopped by their elders, who promised to speak to the appropriate authorities. Villages affected by the take-over include lambar Rimi, Maje, rijiya Mai Ciminti and Goni.
    When contacted, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Public Relations, Alhaji Nasiru Abdul said although it is a federal project, the state has approved money for the payment of compensation to the people. He said the payment would commence soon.
    It would be recalled that the Federal Government last year awarded a contract for the construction of a wind farm to be a source of alternative energy. The project when completed is expected to generate 10 megawatts for the state.

  7. The Liberals would have no problem taking legal action against citizens. Crazy bunch. Will Chris Bentley be giving his rusty lawyers skills a work out?

      • The amount of water in the air affects the “action” of sound waves.

      • You can sort of compare sound waves to how vehicle headlights behave in fog. The light produced by the vehicle is the same with or without fog. But how far the light will travel depends on the density of the fog. Fog is water in the air.

      • Sound is a complex issue which can’t be understood by using decibles alone. There are many varying factors to be considered in “sound” issues.

      • I’m in Essex Couny. We’ve found when the wind is coming from the southeast, it’s especially bad for us.

      • the Harrow project is west of us( about 2KM) and when the wind blows from that way, we can hear the whomp. It makes your head thump.

    • Hi… I was very affected by your local turbines driving home from the Essex mpp meeting last week… We had to stop in Comber… The nausea, ear pain and pressure was unbelievably severe.. I can’t imagine being surrounded by that many on all sides… All the time!!! The eight we have behind us is more than we can handle! Wind strength and direction etc makes a huge difference for us here too! Just learned about lease holders that we know who are looking forward to getting their lawn ornaments…
      I don’t know how to get thru to them… It’s down right depressing… Now all this new crap with our mayor! No where to turn is becoming a daily reminder and reality!

      • At least some of them are going to get a lot more than they bargained for.

  8. Haldimand County Hydro Inc. (“HCHI”) is the licensed electricity distributor in Haldimand,
    and I believe they found a problem with Nextera’s transmission proposal, and refused to let them use the municipal ‘Right of Way’ (ROW).

    To be sure – ask HCHI for their documentation, and arguments to the Ontario Energy Board.
    If my memory serves me right – it was not in the public interest etc.

    Therefore Nextera has a problem, and are bluffing – ‘We will sue you’ threats!

    Of course – I hope I am right!
    Please check with the HCHI.

  9. Let them “sue”……………..that means they will have to go PUBLIC with their secret deals and proposals!
    That’s one thing these lizards don’t like doing because it gets out that they are making back room deals with everyone!

    • Hissy fit on display!
      ‘[excerpt] “We take legal action if we have to,” [Nextera] said.’

      • The good news is:
        We can always rely on Haldimand council to come to the rescue of citizens
        now being threatened, and bullied by Nextera.
        Maybe, I should give that a little more thought?
        Okay –
        let’s give Haldimand council a little more time – to be fair.

        We’re waiting!

  10. Hey! Mister Mayor!

    Do your job!!!!!!
    Haldimand council – turn the music up!

    ‘[excerpt] Some landowners are refusing NextEra an easement for transmission lines
    and may ultimately be forced to co-operate through provincial orders.
    “We take legal action if we have to,” [Nextera] said.’

    Hey! Mister Mayor – Turn the music up!
    Do your job!!!!!

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