Foul Wind Blows from Chatham-Kent Mayor, Randy Hope

CanWEA Poster Boy begs for “special” moratorium on 7 turbines. 
by:  Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc
Oddly, on March 12, 2012 Mayor Randy Hope of Chatham-Kent sent correspondence to the Minister of Environment asking for a moratorium on 7 of the planned 55 turbines in IPC’s Erieau-Blenheim Wind Project.   Not the whole project, but just on the turbines south of the Bisnett Line.  On March 13 the Mayor– who publicly proclaims his love affair with turbines and their proponents — stated (on Blackburn Radio) that he continues to favour wind and was even interested in off-shore turbines as well. 

So what is the reason for the letter asking for a turbine moratorium south of Bisnett Line?  Certainly the area south of Bisnett is very environmentally sensitive—lakeshore, marshes, Important Bird Area– but we have been trying  for years to protect similar areas in Chatham-Kent from the turbine invasion with no success. 

In fact, the same company has turbines in the East Lake St. Clair Wind project being constructed in equally as sensitive areas around Mitchell’s Bay/Lake St. Clair, but the Mayor did not ask for a moratorium for those turbines.   The area south of Bisnett is a beautiful area for homes and cottages, but then again so is Mitchell’s Bay and so are many other areas in Chatham-Kent that we have struggled to protect from turbine ruination. 

So just what is so unique about the area south of the Bisnett?  Maybe we need to ask not what, but rather who, is so important.  We would like to find out, so if you live out there and you have some ideas, or your neighbour is someone like a councillor, a medical officer of health, a person who hosts turbines elsewhere, etc, please let us know.  Perhaps the reason for the Mayor’s letter lies not in noble causes… but in “noble classes”. 

Truly a foul wind!
This is Mayor Hope’s letter:

March 12, 2012
The Hon. James Bradley
Minister of the Environment
Ferguson Block, 11th Floor
77 Wellesley St W
Toronto ON   M7A2T5
Dear Minister Bradley:
RE:  Wind Turbine Development – Municipality of Chatham-Kent
The Municipality of Chatham-Kent Council, at its meeting held on March 5, 2012, approved the following motion with respect to the above noted matter:
“That Administration request the Ministry of the Environment, to immediately impose a moratorium on the wind turbine development south of the Bisnet Line in Rondeau and that existing permits be revoked.”
Due to the overwhelming number of objections and protests  from residents in  the Erieau and Blenheim communities, we respectfully request a moratorium on the development of wind turbine development by International Power south of Bisnet Line in the Rondeau area and that all existing permits be revoked.
Randy R. Hope, Mayor/CEO
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
cc The Honourable Dalton McGuinty
    Rick Nicholls, MPP, Chatham-Kent Essex

41 thoughts on “Foul Wind Blows from Chatham-Kent Mayor, Randy Hope


      • The above post is from Randy Hope, the mayor of CK aka Poster Boy for CanWEA

        You have destroyed Chatham-Kent, Mr. Hope. You are still under the illusion that industrial wind turbines are green. You’ve been had by the wind industry, Mr. Hope. You have sold off the County to a very dishonest, corrupt industry.

      • What a silly comment. Doesn’t RANDY understand that our views reflect our research of the facts, many of the facts derived from our PERSONAL EXPERIENCES?

        For shame.

        I’m glad he likes the website though. If he didn’t, of course he doesn’t have to visit.

        Proper grammar and comments befitting a public official would be appreciated.

      • Thank God RANDY has piped up to entertain us with his unfactual facts and his bad grammar / spelling … I was really starting to miss the musings of Mark Bell / DerekM.

      • So, Randy, pray, do tell us what “the whole information” is; what are the facts? We are waiting with bated breath.

      • RANDY – give us your facts put your “whole info” in front of all of us.
        Your such a dickhead

      • It’s pretty hard to get all the facts, what with the closed door meetings, hallway muggings and Windbag cloak and dagger nonsense that’s been going on lately.

        So RANDY, here’s your big chance to lay out all the facts and straighten us out.
        Tell us who owns the sacred properties and why you have chosen to bless this particular group of people. We have big shoulders … we can handle the truth.

        Bring it on … we’re waiting.

      • Add Councillor Doug Sulman to the list… he has a cottage at Erieau.

      • You got it wrong Randy, that’s the wind industry that does that. Eg. Denmark has 20% of their name capacity devoted to wind energy but forget to indicate that wind only provides 5-9% of their electrical needs at best. You should take some time to read the AG report as well.

    • How you interpret the facts, is your point
      of view. Being able to express ourselves
      is the one thing that jackass McGuinty has
      yet to take from us.

  1. Dr. David Colby has property in Rondeau, Councillor Anne Gilbert has property in Erieau, and at least one large landowner from the Dover area has a retirement home down there away from his turbines.

  2. a good place for a turbine is the east or west side of Dr.Colby’s home and I say Dr. with much trepidation!!! I say the east or west side to make sure he gets a nice view of shadow flicker along with everything else!! Not nice I know but…..

      • Pat & OWR…… Any significance to the name change from Ontario Wind “Concerns” to Ontario Wind “Resistance”?? Just wondering…..

      • John, I used to volunteer my time and website to Wind Concerns Ontario. I had a falling out with the new WCO board and am no longer with them….. so my website has been renamed.

  3. Topic: Selling out! – Who’s kidding who?
    Mayor Hope – picking ‘winners and losers –
    non traditional ‘sustainability plans’
    ‘visioning’ –
    and the ditching of the ‘sustainability plan” –
    from the Chatham-Kent website – Where is the plan?
    Secrecy breeds contempt!
    Volunteerism – to save the planet!
    For example:
    The Chatham-Kent Final Plan
    1. What is a Community Sustainability Plan?
    2.. As a ‘growing movement’….
    3. Re: Sustainability plans …..are not mandatory
    4. However, traditional definitions are often difficult to ‘implement’ – on the ground.
    5. The ‘establishment’ of a shared vision of what sustainability means;

    Chatham-Kent : pdf.4 (8 – 110)

    Impossible Fantasies -may require – you give up your first born child – not known yet.

    Rip it up – Boot the facilitators out

    Note: ask to ‘buy’ – a hard copy from the township!
    It’s your right – to know – if you want to know – what is going on in your township.

  4. Just to be correct/sure, Dr. Colbly accepted money from Suncor for his testimony and opinions? Then this made him a paid agent for Suncor.He is also a paid employee of Ontario. You can’t serve two masters at the same time.

    • Actually, in McGuinty’s world you can do anything you want if you’re promoting wind turbines.

    • Don’t know about that, if a person had few principles or little ethics, then you could serve many masters at once depending on which way the “wind” blows

      • Was refering to the legal meaning of serving two masters at the same time.

  5. Naw, NOT 7 IWTs around Colby’s cottage!

    I want 18 IWTs all crammed in within a 3 km radius of that cottage as well as his house because that’s what the Norfolk Victims of IWTs are having to suffer.

  6. Ok get your signs ready…
    I think it’s time to take a walk in front of city hall!
    Real soon!!!

  7. Dance with the devil…OOOOOOOOOOh! YES!

    Would anyone have his address to send him the signs NO Turbines without health studies.

    And email him the April 3rd Bus schedule………

  8. Unless your copy and paste was off, another interesting question would be to question why one councillor was not on the email list. Why is one councillor missing from the list included?

  9. Phone book says there are Sulmans, Pinsonneaults, Parsons all at Erieau (but seriously I don’t know if they are related to the councillors of the same name). Ditto for Myers living in Rondeau. Councillor Anne Gilbert definitely lives there. Come on you spies out there… let us know who the ‘select few” are!!!

  10. A title search of the lots and concessions at the district registry office should clear things up. For a nominal fee, any member of the public can look at the books.

  11. Whether your for or against Mayor Hope is a personal decision. I only look at the outcome, so the question you have to ask yourself is; are we as a municipality, better off than we were when Mayor Hope and the councillors took power. I say we are much worse off. People are.leavig this municipality in droves despite the municipalities “I came back” commercials at the movie theater. My Son who moved to Alberta saw the ad and he replied it should say “I got away”. We have no decent paying jobs here and no one in power has any idea of how to change that. They are always saying that they are working on bringing new jobs to Chatham but its only talk and all I see is Navistar being ripped down. We need a visionary who will actually bring to Chatham, not just talk about it while driving an expensive sports car that the rest of us will never afford. Like it or not, Chatham has a terminal illness and a cure will never be found with this Mayor or this council.

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