It ain’t feasible being green

By Ezra Levant, Toronto Sun
Dalton McGuinty has committed Ontario to a faith-based energy policy.  He believes passionately in the theory of man-made global warming, a theory that has been cast into disrepute through not only the misconduct of its high priests but by scientific observation itself: There has been no measurable global warming since 1998, according to satellite weather data.  Read article

5 thoughts on “It ain’t feasible being green

  1. It’s not McGuinty’s belief in green that makes him lash out at rural Ontarians, it’s GREED that makes him do it!

    We all know McGuinty will financially benefit from this wind crap some how. Whether it’s a future job after he leaves politics or some other type of payment, he will benefit.

  2. We don’t need to look to the future to “guess” about McGuinty’s possible money making off this……we have proof right now about politician’s making $$ off the GEA.
    George Smitherman the “architect” of the GEA and FIT program here…………quits (or is fired) his post inside politics then starts up a Green Energy Company that makes $$ off advising Wind and Solar Developers how to navigate the halls at Queen’s Park to get into the tax payers trough of Green $$$$…………….sounds like a bit of a “conflict of interest” but then that only applies to Province that is lawful!

  3. Would you believe that even that dynamic, clean, Green Machine — Germany — has trouble being er… Green?,1518,druck-821396,00.html

    What Can We Do?
    It would be nice if we would occasionally subject our certainties to a reality check. If it turns out that we made a mistake, there is nothing wrong with taking a step back and trying something different. A can deposit law that also eliminates the environmentally friendly deposit bottles should be thoroughly reformed, and so should the subsidization of inefficient solar energy, some of our insulation regulations and plastics recycling.

    No one should be forced to bring toxic mercury-containing light bulbs into the house. It doesn’t make sense to shut down more nuclear power plants if it just makes us dependent on imported nuclear electricity from France. And as long as a disposal paper bag is worse for the environment than a plastic bag, the green morals police should think about whether it’s the plastic bag that they should be banning.

    People who shop in organic grocery stores, eat a vegan diet or drive an electric car are free to do so. But this should not give them the right to lecture others on the environmentally correct way to live their lives. Things are sometimes more complicated than they seem at first glance.

    Gosh, it ain’t easy being Green — is it? And here Germany is thrown up as the example to us!

    Read the whole article — it’s hard to get a small quote that gives the sense of the disastrous stupidity behind parts of the GreenWeanie movement.

    • San Fanscisco already has “green” sewers and Chicago has “green” toilets. Eco-nuts could really turn Toronto into a stinking mess with their water ideas.

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