Wainfleet council moves ahead with 2 km setbacks

Betty Konc

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The Township of Wainfleet is moving ahead with a bylaw to set a minimum setback of two kilometres for industrial wind turbines.  Ald. Betty Konc moved to amend a report council had previously passed about setbacks in the township. The original report recommended council simply receive the report. 

“I’ll make a motion…to adopt and move through with the setback,” said Konc.
Council wants to pass the setback limit bylaw, despite the fact the province’s Green Energy Act takes away the ability for municipalities to set a limit. The province has set the limit at 550 metres, which it believes is enough to ensure residents are not disturbed by noise from the turbines.

While the 2 km setback limit won’t have any strength as a result of the Green Energy Act, council wanted to move ahead with it as a message to the province and Wainfleet residents that they don’t agree with the province.

9 thoughts on “Wainfleet council moves ahead with 2 km setbacks

  1. I think they did the right thing. It does send a message. Haldimand should do the same thing.

    • Pat ……… “Haldimand should do the same thing” ???? Our lame-a** Mayor and Council?? Not bloody likely! They’ve gotta protect and promote our new “Community Vibrancy Fund” regardless of the damage IWTs and Solar “Farms” will do to Haldimand/Norfolk….. or the entire PROVINCE for that matter!

  2. Are you also aware that Samsung has applied to kill off the bobolink and meadowlark in Haldimand. These are at risk species!

    • The problem with the “FIT review” is that it assumes that this government deserves its authority. The Ontario government has demonstrated incompetence and negligence and as such it should be removed from any decision-making. Obviously one of the biggest problems with the FIT so far has been lack of consideration for human health impacts from siting wind turbines. When one reads the page that Linda pointed us to, there is no mention of this huge elephant in the room. For example, the word “health” only appears once on the page, and it is in reference to how the health of the industry is affected by pricing!

      How is anyone supposed to take these people seriously if the authorities cannot even recognize the mistakes it’s made and the actual harm right here and now in the province of Ontario? Ontarians deserve some honesty, and perhaps if we were presented with the truth our about the actual costs and benefits of these schemes, our society would choose a different course.

      What a farce. I’m sorry to see Jan Carr participating in this charade.

    • Mike Garland, Pattern Energy
      Paraphrased: Funded budget shortfall in one community allowing the school to stay open & bought a firetruck in another.
      Nothing on the long term effects of IWTs on communities. Only money talk to entice community cooperation.

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