Wind power will drive up power costs: Report

Toronto Sun
TORONTO – The difficulty of connecting intermittent wind power to the province’s electrical grid will help drive up the cost for consumers, the Ontario Society of Power Engineers warns in a report. “This situation is expected to get much worse over the next several years as significant amounts of wind, hydraulic and nuclear generation will be coming into service while expected electrical demand will continue to be stagnant,” said Monday’s report.  Because wind farms have been offered guaranteed contracts under Ontario’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program, the province is obligated to buy the power even when demand is slack.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Wind power will drive up power costs: Report

  1. Dalton Believes in Power from Unicorn Farts…Bahahahaha……Green Energy Act is a the Pagan Religion….with no scientific basis…just a relgious myth….complete with their own 450 foot high phallic symbols, designed to look like a crucifix….Thomas Malthus would be proud of these Liberal Fascists….The Ontario Liberals War Against Affordable Energy continues…

  2. IESO is working with the wind industry and other stakeholders. Who are these vested interests?
    Spend more money on weather forecasting and spend more money on anything with the hope that renewable energy can be made to work. It’s the peoples’ money that is being spent to line the pockets of those with vested interests in renewable energy.

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