Husband of Adelaide Metcalfe CAO rages violently at woman as he heads into “closed door” meeting

Report from Adelaide Metcalfe,  March 20, 2012:  We came early- 5’oclock, just in case some councillors actually came early for the ‘preview’.  We wanted to make sure there wasn’t a quorum happening, as this closed door meeting general public was not allowed in between 5:30-6:00 – only landowners with leases and municipal council to ‘mingle’ (see letter below).  We took pictures of those who entered the building. 

The only one who really minded the camera was Adelaide Metcalfe “sunshine list” Clerk / Admin/ Treasurer’s (Fran Urbshott) husband.   As the pictures attached show, Mr. Brian Urbshott came in, had his picture taken then hurled towards M. and swatted the camera out of her hand before it was away from her face— hence the pictures of the signs in a blur.

He said he was “going to shove the camera (*censored*)”.  He came back at her two more times, reaching out and and smacking at the camera and yelling loudly at her.

The last time his wife grabbed him from behind by the belt and pulled him away. You can see her holding him off in the last picture.  Notice the Security guard hired by Suncor.  He just stood there and watched. 

 So…why was Mr. Urbshott so upset?  Why all the secrecy at this closed door meeting?  Why was the husband of the CAO allowed into a meeting where the public was banned?
  Closed door meeting with landowners/Councilors:

21 thoughts on “Husband of Adelaide Metcalfe CAO rages violently at woman as he heads into “closed door” meeting

  1. So sorry to hear this. Sounds like Suncor is grooming their leaseholders on how to respond during the public viewing meeting.

  2. M., I’m sorry to hear about that. That is obviously ASSAULT and I hope the OPP are investigating, and that this becomes a part of Fran Urbshot’s husand’s police record.

    That is really disturbing, and no doubt it is very emotionally distressing for you.

    I’m shocked and disgusted.

  3. M;
    Hope that you are were not injured. As s&d stated, you were assaulted. I do hope that you have filed with OPP or local service. If this ever happened to a wind rep. everyone would be locked up for sure.
    Take Care.

  4. The people above are right in that an assault charge should be filed.
    There is no reason for this type of action.

  5. Big brave guy, huh? (well, if you’re measuring by stomach…) Seriously, this is obviously assault and it is your duty to see the man is charged. there has already been too much lawlessness and disrespect in this issue and it must stop.

  6. Mr Brian Urbshott MUST be charged.. A coward of a human being( I can’t say man, because he is NOT a man). going around acting the schoolyard bully, picking on women, no less…He no doubt has money invested here,but if he would like to vent his frustrations out on a MAN, I welcome the opportunity to oblige him…This makes me sick…..

  7. P.C. MPP Toby Barrett (Haldimand/Norfolk) predicted, a long time ago, that McGuinty’s “Green Energy” Act would “pit neighbour against neighbour”. Looks like his prediction was right! Will this issue go away? Will the situation get better? Doesn’t look like it!! Both sides of the issue appear to be prepared to “fight it out” while the Provincial Liberal “Major Minority” propped up by the NDP stand by and watch! I only see the situation getting worse! Can civil unrest be far behind? Somehow I doubt it! Riots have been spawned by disagreements far more innocuous than THIS one! I can only hope I’m guilty of over-dramatization!

  8. Wow, I’m shocked. Can’t believe what I’m reading. If this happened just like it appears, then, absolutely, this person should be investigated for assault. What was this Security Guard’s job? Handing out pamphlets? Certainly wasn’t to prevent or intervene in any altercations. (the look on his face was “Holy Shi$, I didn’t sign up for this”) Hope your okay.

      • The fat guy in the picture with the blue shitrt and black pants is actually a Suncor rep.
        As for the security gaurd (supervisor), all he did was threaten to take the camera away. Yeah. I’m not kidding. Let’s just say, it’s a damn good thing these women know how to stick up for themselves, because none of the guys were in the ‘mood’ to hold Mr. Urbshott off.

      • The fat guy with the blue shirt and black pants is a Suncor rep. The security supurvisor hired by Suncor isn’t in the picutre…. but all he did was threaten to take the camera away (riiiight…somebody with a bit of a power trip going). Yep, all the guys hanging around left it up to the women to hold off Mr. Urbshott, whom we had never met before…

        As for why he was there with special ‘preview’ privledges— a very good question indeed.

  9. Yeah – good question:
    ‘[excerpt] Why was the husband of the CAO allowed into a meeting where the public was banned?’

    Very strange.

    • What does Mr. Brian Urbshott do for a living.
      Does he work?
      His wife has ‘top job’ @ Adelaide Metcalfe – as its CAO

      • Next time – maybe – Mr. Urbshott –
        should be encouraged to ‘stay home’.
        All he did was cause embarrassment for his wife.

        Shameless bully – that’s for sure.

    • ah- no. The Ad-Met mayor said at this meeting that he now doesn’t have a lease as he just ‘got out of it’. Even if this is true, his father still has a wind lease, but apparently that isn’t a conflict of interest because he is ‘trying to get out of it’ – so the mayor says. And the deputy mayor’s son has a wind lease with Suncor. Note, both the mayor and deputy mayor attended this closed door portion with Suncor, with our clerk/admin/treasurer. The other 3 councillors who do not have a conflict of interest did not– wise move.

      Our mayor said he would never declare a conflict of interest unless the issue was ‘site specific’ to the land that was leased for the turbine. That’s why he votes on everything wind realted.

      And the clerk/admin/treasurer Fran? She makes over $120 000/year to keep us out of the loop as much as possible. For instance: the invite to this Suncor ‘pre-meeting’ was not on Monday night’s agenda…. it was just verbal…..

      • To be more specific – this Suncor meeting was never discussed at the council meeting when the residents were there. Only mentioned after the council meeting was closed and the public left. To top it off, this is the SECOND closed door meeting that Suncor has tried to orchestrate with local councils this month.

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